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I know this sounds absurd, but growing up with my sisters cats, I have a good enough idea on a cats antics, and if I remember don't cats also like to have a little space when they do their business. Some even go into a full arched back mode. The first one is purely cruel. Dark, low and newspaper. There are limits with this and that is too much. It's the easiest thing. Put it in the tub and when you use the shower put it under the sink. Alakazam!

Apartment Therapy New York | Entryway Bench or... Kitty Litter Box!
5/28/09 02:48 PM

Great info..Amazing that this is possible. It we could all only learn to curb certain trash habits. This is a major issue here in America.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Couple Generates Only 1 Bag of Trash in 2008!
5/5/09 02:57 PM

At least I received a legitimate answer as to 'how this entry won the competition'. I completely disapprove. I also do not think AT should be thrilled about this. Perhaps it creates added publicity, which is their prize from the competition, however I do not see the general public [ones not affiliated with AT] saying wow what a great competition, and this is what it produces (based on appearance). I think AT will be reluctant to publish this anywhere else going forward.

However, this is the point where we congratulate this young man. I will say he sounds as if he is an incredibly intelligent young person, and that is encouraging.

I think the thing that concerns ME most is the lack of 'individuality' and in that, lets say Kevin has 400-500 friends and family who voted. You mean to tell me out of that same 400-500 not even 10% said "Kevin I love you, but entry number 4 (for example) is what I personally like and I think I am going to vote for that person. Nope. It just seems in the masses, like a heard zombies just reinforcing that Kevin alone had a presence in the competition. There is a complete disregard for what the competition is actually about, no thought into how Kevin's contacts could sway the competition the way it did, and essentially knock out people, who I feel were far more deserving of being acknowledged as the winner based on pure design talent. A big red flag went up in round one when this had 2, if not 3 times the votes of anyone else. I picked up on it then, like a few others did.

I won't go as far as to say 'cheating' but a loop hole has been discovered and I'd have to guess that voting will be regulated more closely in the future. I mean we are talking about $10k in prizes, not a $200 gift card to crate and barrel. Yeah it's pretty serious.

As for the few people who suggested I "get a life" ok. Thanks. I'll say it again. For whatever reason, this particular competition is something that had always peeked my interest. You'll notice I do not spend a lot of time writing notes on AT. I log on, take a look at some articles, view the photos (I mean interior design is at least 50% visual) and then log off. Also, as someone else aptly noted. We are allowed to have an opinion and voice that opinion, if it be thumbs up or thumbs down. Unfortunately, and I think speaking for a few people on here, some of us, although we have great friends, don't have 600 facebook contacts. Who would have thought 15 years of reading design related publications, buying, selling, and collecting all kinds of items, seeing hundreds upon hundreds of amazing spaces in NYC and beyond and all that is offset by a single FACEBOOK email blast...Fun:)

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kevin's Triple Threat Teeny-tiny Division #15
5/5/09 08:43 AM

Megan and everyone else. I am stupefied, mystified, flat out just frustrated over this. First comment in two weeks and this is what I log on too see. I am inclined to think AT should look into voter fraud. OR and a big OR 95% of the viewers should be lobotomized. Either way I am happy to see that there are a few people that completely don't get it, like me. What happened to artsy, creative design? Something that makes you say WoW! Something that makes room and board people say holy sh#@#! I got the opposite feeling from the crooked, musty, uncolorful photos. How did this beat out others? Really how? I would like a clear, concise explanation. I applaud Kevin for entering and Kevin please don't take insult to my comment, but frankly it's the other commenter’s I am trying to make my point too. They voted. Maybe it’s time for an entire round of new prescription glasses. Who knows. It’s to a level where in design sense, I almost feel dumber by just logging on now. My opinion AT completely screwed up the comp this year. Maxwell should have been handling it like old. I am very saddened by these results..None of the entries that should have made it, did. Sorry for the negativity. I am generally never like this professionally and personally, but I take this competition very seriously every year, perhaps to a fault and when it comes to interior design and small spaces, this is how I make a living. I am always pretty excited about what will be presented. I’ve seen some spectacular things in just 150sf-400sf. This is a just a major blaaa...Plus I am still a little bitter that my downtown, amazing (what I’ve heard) 284sf loft could not enter because I did not interpret the entry days right.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kevin's Triple Threat Teeny-tiny Division #15
5/1/09 04:38 PM

AT clearly made an error on the dates and they are not acknowledging it, which is unfortunate. Instead once again it is a lopsided competition. Several people I have already polled, believe you were able to enter until Friday the 17th. Somehow, in some shape or form, something seems to be overlooked every year with this particular competition.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Last Chance for Thumbs Up! Batch #9 — Entries posted on 4/13
4/15/09 04:13 PM

Hey what gives? Didn't the entries have to be submitted by Friday the 17th? I thought that was the date?

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Garrett's Repurposed Furnishings Teeny-tiny Division #18
4/14/09 09:42 PM

Azaleasmoke, good point and this is not a test of me versus you, but wow, this does leave a little to be desired. My guess is you would never see this is a room and board catelog, and I suppose that is what I am basing my voting on since they are the sponsor of the competition. I've enjoyed this competition for years, but somehow, we get to this point every year, and I'm just like oh man...Just once I'd like to say, yeah that totally is awesome and to the point where something makes the Room and Board people say WOW! This is 10x's better than anything we've done in our design coordination. Hey I guess it is what it is. I just like to take this seriously I guess, that is, in terms of the competition part. Thanks.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kevin's Triple Threat Teeny-tiny Division #15
4/14/09 08:52 AM

Really a shame that this is going to beat out other entries in this category. To the person who said really well composed photos. Huh? Oh I see, slanted, low exposure. Obviously the world of design and presentation is very, in fact, is vastly different from the one I live in and many of the commentors on here are familiar with. Frankly, I do not like this one at all and it is not because of the white or yellows, not because it is small, to me there is just nothing exceptionally artistic nor is there anything that stands out in my opinion. Sorry to be the grinch on this one, but almost 400 votes leaves me scratching my head. Others were far better, and required much more thought and I almost feel bad for them, that they will not have a chance for the prize, which they should be entitled too. This is the point in the competition where I would hope a few professionals at AT would step in and re-balance the voting.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kevin's Triple Threat Teeny-tiny Division #15
4/14/09 08:05 AM

Huh? I am reading comments such as incredibly done, awesome set-up, impressive. Hello....People... There is a mattress, a chair, a tea kettle and a towel as a curtain. No artwork in sight, not a single piece of imagination went into creating this. Are we all just a bit more enamored that this is actually in the competition? This is smallest coolest, not just who can live in the smallest place.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Jay's Tumbleweed House Teeny-tiny Division #13
4/13/09 06:42 PM

I think the thing I am most confused about, and it has no relevance what so ever, but this is Kevin's apt? You sure? I am all about the whites, but umm, this space is overwhelmingly feminine no? I tell you, I am not sure what people are voting on this year, I mean for the love of god a trailor park entry is in the lead right now. I think most people are just intrigued by the thumbs up button and feel compelled to press it. I think i've hit it once (yes one time only) in this entire competition and it was the only one that showed any artistic creativity. Of course her posting had probably the fewest votes. Ironic how we see things differently on here!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kevin's Triple Threat Teeny-tiny Division #15
4/13/09 06:32 PM

Really well done and props to you for hanging the pendant lamp the way you did. That alone gets my vote. A great integration of architecture and design.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Small Cool 2009: colorTHEORY's Victorian Grandness Little Division #02
4/2/09 04:29 PM

Place looks great. Clean and simple. My head was able to digest what it saw quickly and soothingly.

Yeah that sitting area is pretty chilled out'

You may be better off staying in London and passing on Mr.Dangerous's suggestion. It is evident there is a better sense of design in Europe. Ugh. Already just two international posts along side the eh..shiver U.S. posts and I mean it's black and white in the style and cohesiveness. I am hoping a NY'rr represents.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: FJ!!'s New Interior Vocabulary International Division #02
4/1/09 07:38 PM

"Enough Queer Eye, Entourage and Oceans 11; it's time for the ladies!"

I missed the point as to what that comment has to do with the actual post. You mean nearly a decade of sex in the city was not enough? That show sure did wonders for NYC and the human race in general. Anyone read the polls on that lately.

Anyway needed to chime in since that first sentence makes no sense to me..

Apartment Therapy New York | Full Circle Six: Lifestyle Professionals
3/24/09 06:59 PM

I happen to agree with both sousa609 and Kathalal. Every situation is different and with a family of four, that certainly qualifies @ 1200sf in my opinion and certainly worth a viewing. Sousa609 you may have to decide to call it 600sf and call it a day, that is if that is the class you'd like to compete with. I think AT actually has it down this year. Last year although a noble effort, just was a bit all over the place. What we all forget is that AT essentially monitors the submissions. It is essentially up to them to use good discretion when posting the submissions. I remain optimistic and although I have not been on this blog in sometime, I look forward to this every single year. Probably one of the better things 'interior design related' on the net that i've seen over the years. I'll admit, I always lean to voting or identifying the smaller (200sf-600sf) pre-war, character(bones)filled, modern places. I look at the complete integration of architecture and design. In my business I've seen some spectacular 400sf homes in NYC over the years. Perhaps it is the modesty involved in it...I live in an incredibly cool little, barely 300sf loft (yes it is a loft building - 3 large 7 foot windows and high ceilings) downtown that I just moved into, so I feel compelled to join this year again. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Coming Next Week ... Small Cool 2009
3/21/09 10:12 AM

Just read the whole article, I truly cannot believe the difference. Let me say also "pop art bachelor pad" was smack dab on the money. Previously this place was more soho artsy type with original Basquiat paintings, Keith Harring, etc. One of these rare moments where I get to actually see old soho turn to modern soho. Just wow!

Apartment Therapy New York | Living Large in a SoHo Loft The New York Times 2.12.09
2/13/09 11:39 AM

None of you would believe me anyway, but my buddy use to live there with his family, who if I may say was the inventor of a very useful item these days. Place was sold about 2-3 years ago and this renovated has taken that long. It looked nothing like this when I saw it. What's interesting is I do not see the stairs to the roof in the center of the living room anymore. This sold for about $7mm and that is easily a $3mm renovation.

Apartment Therapy New York | Living Large in a SoHo Loft The New York Times 2.12.09
2/13/09 11:28 AM

For the record this is a steal of a price for these units. I've looked in this building before. That said, there was a glut that sold last year after speculation that the parking lot directly outside the window (lafayette st) would be developed. I'd have to imagine that with the limited financing available that nothing is getting built there anytime soon. It is almost inevitable however. 2 yrs, 5 yrs, etc.

The wood table is exactly what I have been looking for too, so if anyone knows where to find one like that on the fly and cheap please post! That is proper loft style dining.

Apartment Therapy New York | FSBO: NoHo Loft 718 Broadway, 6B
2/11/09 05:41 PM

I am always thrilled when the opening shot is a west elm sofa. Ugh. The kitchen and dining area however look good. Just another apartment to me..Good enough I guess.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Sarah Allen's First Apartment Jackson Heights
2/10/09 08:16 PM

I have to admit too, this is not an improvement in my opinion. Fortunately you did not spend much nor is this difficult to change.

Frankly, at least the door left untouched, had it's own life and character. At least then it made for a good conversation piece. Now you just stacked stuff in front as well as hung the shelves not fit to size.

Does not look poor, but I wouldn't have chosen this route.

I kind of like the first photo with just the white door (untouched) and the small shelf to the side. Simple as that. Or you put absolutely nothing within 3 feet of that area and simply paint the entire door (not the molding) a solid color, a modern blue/grey of sort, so it contrasts the softness and lite in the place or even have someone or you paint that area like a painting, maybe some type of abstract pattern, but make sure you cover the entire door so it fits to scale. Whatever the case, the clutter solution is not a good one and I hope no one suggested this on AT.

Apartment Therapy New York | Question Answered: Solution for a Closed-Off Doorway!
2/3/09 01:53 PM

Yeah I know because these two ladies are the ones who created this financial mess we are in.

People get a grip. The following commentors completely missed the point to the story and if I hear one more person associate anything real estate related with how other people are living or lack there of, my head may explode. This is not a story of excess.

Allsunday (live with a roommate of four) you're what 20-26 years old? Then no complaining. If you're 50 and older like these ladies, then I suppose jealous would be suggested.

Rockypondgirl "What a vast waste of resources" please save it for the people that purchased 3 homes over the last few years, you know the ones that have the one for the winter, the other summer house and then their main residence with a meager 5 bedrooms.

Easyenough, I'd answer, but likely I'd say something I should not.

I'll always defend an artist, as I did the other day, with another loft story and it spurred a rampant sexism debate. The point was not interpreted the way it should have been and i'm convinced many AT visitors just do not have an understanding to true loft living in NYC. You do not need too, but please people stop being so simple minded.

Apartment Therapy New York | Roommates: Artist's Loft for Two The New York Times 1.22.09
1/22/09 02:46 PM