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bread fest! can't wait to dive in!!

Bake Bread! 20 Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for No-Knead Bread
9/7/11 11:08 AM

i can attest to the fact that these cookies are darn good!!! YUM.

Snack Recipe: Peanut Butter & Jelly Icebox Cookies
8/26/11 01:29 AM

What an amazing place!

Ephesus Terrace Houses: The Fanciest Homes in Turkey
House Tour

8/16/11 03:30 PM

as a long-time admirer of Sabrina's work, this home tour is extra special for me ... one of my favorite spaces i've ever seen on the site! beautiful. inspired. real. creative. tipping my hat to you bethany for the great photos and to sabrina for such a lovely way of life.

Sabrina Ward Harrison's Creative Space in Silver Lake
House Tour

8/10/11 02:45 PM

this place is gorgeous - i love the little girl's room with her chandelier and doll house. great tour bethany!

Elizabeth & David’s Happily Growing Home and Garden
House Tour

8/9/11 04:09 PM

yes! yummy. want it now, in the belly.

Spicy Appetizer Recipe: Roasted Jalapeño & Lime Hummus
8/5/11 04:35 PM

this look so bloody refreshing!

Recipe Review: Not Without Salt's Honey Herb Soda
8/2/11 08:39 AM

that salmon looks pretty darn perfect to me. just sayin!

How to Grill Salmon on a Cedar Plank
7/29/11 02:14 AM

i just died and went to heaven -- to that amazing backyard eating area!

Isabelle & Brandon’s Lovely Echo Park Cottage
House Tour

7/27/11 12:27 PM

Thank you so much for sharing your stories, each and every one was truly lovely.

To Cook is to Heal: Recovering in the Kitchen
7/26/11 10:07 AM

love che bap! so glad to have the recipe.

Recipe: Che Bap (Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding)
7/20/11 06:45 PM

this guy is pretty interesting and his pad, well, it's rockin. that kitchen is impeccable!

Sean Yashar's Think Pad
House Tour

7/19/11 05:19 PM

i want to be sipping this right now.

Drink Recipe: Watermelon Strawberry Cooler
7/13/11 05:26 PM

stunning! i want to move into this apartment. great photos as well, Celeste!

Imke & Thorsten's Breezy Berlin Apartment
Green Tour

7/13/11 01:25 PM

Mimi2856, my mom is southern and swears by her bisquick! so funny!

Summer Recipe: Old-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake
7/13/11 01:24 PM

j'adore this lady palace!

Rodellee’s Tiny Vintage Studio
House Tour

7/11/11 06:03 PM

this, dear dana, is an awesome reminder to ride the edge of life and the sweet rewards if you have the courage to linger . . . love this ode! and that lead photo, it's a stunner!

Weekend Meditation: Overripe
7/10/11 12:43 PM

The apartment is located near everett/5th down by broadway - a neat location, walking distance to everything!

Heidi & David's Downtown Portland Loft
House Tour

7/6/11 10:23 AM

i do this every day in my own hood as well as when traveling - keeps me inspired!

Do You Garden Snoop While On Vacation?
7/6/11 02:02 AM

is this house cute or what? and those two ladies, i'm smitten! I want some pie too please.

Laura & Megan's Bright Vintage Inspired Apartment
House Tour

7/6/11 02:00 AM