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It's relative, hey, I debated wether to mention it and opted for not caring about all the farmer-cornfield-what do you know about "urban" living in Nebraska?- cracks. It isn't Paris or NYC, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Apartment Therapy DC | Tiny Paris Apartment for 4 Dog Cote Maison
5/8/09 03:20 PM

I am watching my 6, 5 and 3 year old play in the front room of our small apartment in "urban" Nebraska. The authorities are in no hurry to come and get our children. They are not neglected, abused or forced to live in substandard housing. Why is a small space cruel? I'll admit at first I missed a back yard, and the excessive space, but I now enjoy the benefits of efficient living. The cost of living is affordable were we live but I don't need to make excuses to anybody about our living arrangements. Our midwest neighbors look at us strangely, even friends are curious as to how we make it work as if it's bizarre. I appreciate good design. The longer we live here, the more ideas we find to make it comfortable and surprisingly fuctional. Along with space comes "stuff," and the cost and time and worry to keep it all up. I don't miss this a bit -and we moved from a large house with a huge yard on the edge of town. The wonderful alternative to.... interior space?(and privacy??) is going out and doing things -we do so much more together with outings, parks, walks, cultural and social opportunities, etc. The only thing that would make it better is if our city didn't have such a bad case of sprawl, then we wouldn't have to be so car-dependent. Nevertheless, this apartment is a gem. Functionality and personal expression come together well, bravo!, bigger is not better.

Apartment Therapy DC | Tiny Paris Apartment for 4 Dog Cote Maison
5/7/09 02:30 PM