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Tommy & Todd's Bohemian Chic Collection
House Tour

7/31/14 09:29 PM

Did you acquire the fiddle leaf fig braided or did you do that yourself?

Paul & Katie's Vintage Modern Bellevue Loft House Tour
7/18/14 02:32 PM

Modern magic. Something to aspire to.

Lee & Thor's Dynamic Domicile House Tour
7/15/14 12:35 PM

This house needs a theme song and soundtrack.
J'adore it! wait . . . Quiéralo.

The Pineapple Housewife's Happy Home House Tour
7/10/14 03:54 PM

Want. Want. Want . . . in Palm Springs with shipping container pool!

A Little New Zealand Beach House Lives Large Arch Daily
7/10/14 03:32 PM

Stupidest post ever.


Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 03:28 PM

So much done! So much to do! Like iT!

Question, bedroom doorway molding, the one that looks like it could be "incomplete." Can you say more about it. Its very interesting to me.

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/9/14 06:36 PM

What is the print (lips and hair)?

Amanda's Favorite Room House Call
7/8/14 07:05 PM

(This is me attempting not to be negative)

It appears to me to be a successful small budgeted first attempt at an adult apartment. Kudos.

Agreed, the write up, needs to be . . . uh, adult.

A Bachelor's East Meets West Loft Professional Project
7/8/14 02:53 PM

Fairy Door!!

Big & Tiny's Room for Discovery & Play My Play Room
6/25/14 04:37 PM

Never Stop!!

The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake House Tour
6/20/14 06:43 PM

I grew up Car Show Folk in Southern California . . . and this dresser would have sold the most tickets for the raffle and been the grand prize. Odelay! Esse!

Before & After: Vintage Dresser Goes For a Sweet Ride
6/20/14 06:29 PM

How about a small closet challenge, yeah that!

Before & After: A Linen Closet Surprise
6/19/14 03:08 PM

I dig that your in your socks.

Small Project Saturdays: Inspired Salvage Glidden® Paint
6/19/14 03:05 PM

Like it all. HATE the couch against the doors.

Melissa's Modern & Organized San Francisco Home House Call
6/16/14 06:05 PM

I dig the hide next to the mirror and the way it makes little Buddha look like he's meditating next to a dark lake.

A West Village Modern Makeover Full of Affordable Furniture Finds Professional Project
6/16/14 05:54 PM

Did you just cut up the existing cement drive way?

Before & After: Annette and Gustavo's Incredible Garage Remodel
6/12/14 02:02 PM

#6 Marry a contractor.

5 No-Regrets Ways to Safely Skimp on a Home Remodel
6/10/14 02:38 PM

Lovely and masculine. well done.

Juan Pedro's Making It His Own Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 02:26 PM

This makes me happy (unlike this current font!).
Source for the bamboo roman shades, please.

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/12/14 04:14 PM