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We have the red Splash rack. Love it - also love that it comes apart and can go in the dishwasher itself. Hello Katie, since I pump and bottlefeed, we have so many pump parts and bottle parts laying around...there is no way everything can go in the dishwasher every time it needs to get washed - we handwash about half the time. Also, I'm with vab, nothing dries super well in the dishwasher and it ends up going on the rack anyway!

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6/24/11 10:18 PM

My advice would be to price EVERYthing! People can be shy and won't want to ask your prices; they're a lot more likely to buy or bargain if it's already marked.

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5/21/10 12:36 PM

I love to grill! I've actually just discovered the grill this year. My husband and I have had a nice grill since we got married two years ago, but at our rental house it was difficult to get to and I was scared to use it. Now, we've lived in a house of our own for a few months with a patio, and it is so easy to just go outside and flip on the grill. I love coming home from work and just throwing something on. I'm still a beginner, though - I haven't branched out too much and certainly could use some tips and recipes!

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6/2/09 01:56 PM