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This is a beautiful home! All space and materials should be used so well... and all environments should provide the opportunities outside the home apparently available in the Marais area of Paris.

As for the comments regarding building codes, zoning issues and local or state statutes requiring a certain amount of space per person in a dwelling unit, I don't believe there is a building code issue in any of the national model codes nor in any state building codes still in use. Any locality or state may have an ordinance or statute dealing with whatever is a perceived issue of too many occupants for too small of a dwelling unit, but that doesn't make it right. More effort should be exercised in changing laws that lead to consumption of more resources.

Taking a good look at the photos and axonometric drawing one can see there are two tables with chairs (in the kitchen and the living/dining/master bedroom area) and there is shared daylighting (if not a window) for the children's bedroom above the clever storage wall with built-in seating and pull-out bed. In most urban lofts in the US this daylighting solution is allowed for a sleeping area in lieu of a window and ventilation, and the normal egress window requirement is excepted for smaller spaces.

We do need to learn that less is more so we can be freer of the impositions of indebtedness. Please see/read: to get a new perspective on the "American Dream" paradigm.

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5/6/09 11:47 AM