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The bullets are definitely switched.

I agree with some other commenters that formality should be taken into consideration. I recently went to my cousins bar mitzvah and the invitations were e-vites. Although I am generally a fan of evites, I think this was a bad move when it came to family or family friends, especially because a. a lot of details were left out (I assume because the evite form was limiting and there were multiple events), b. it gave the event a very casual feel when we were ultimately expected to show up literally at everything, and c. it made everyone the impression it was less important than it was. However, I also think my aunt turned into a crazy person, so it wasn't just the evite.

Although in terms of inviting his friends, I think it was a fantastic idea and gave him the freedom to have an evolving invite list and didn't put pressure on the under-15 crowd to actually RSVP, something most people are terrible at.

Entertaining Etiquette: When Are Evites Acceptable?
6/21/13 02:24 PM

People should not do this! The previous resident left a dish drying rack in our oven so the first time we used it, we ended up with plastic melted all over the inside of our oven, had to replace the metal rack inside, and I spent days scraping plastic off the bottom of the oven. It was horrible. And the smell lingered for days. DON'T STORE PLASTIC IN OVENS!

How To Safely Store Stuff in Appliances
6/17/13 10:30 AM

Portia here! Thanks everyone for the responses, there's quite a large range... I'm just going to go ahead and take them down - we're active and in our mid-20's, so I don't think we'll really need them anytime soon. Plus the boyfriend agreed to put them back up if I got hurt! (Of course I'd do the same for him...) I read the condo docs pretty well another time and there's nothing specifically about the bars or accessibility. And no one with accessibility issues visits. We live at the end of a very long hallway, so I can't imagine it'd be easy to get to us anyway. Again, thanks everyone!

Can I Remove Bathroom Grab Bar in Condo? Good Questions
1/28/13 09:24 PM

Since my iphone recently decided the on-off button would never work again, I'm crossing my fingers for this!

Win: Windows Phone 8X by HTC Holiday Giveaway
12/11/12 02:19 PM

Man, calm down people! I sometimes don't RSVP because I have a schedule that tends to change unexpectedly, so for an informal gathering, I don't want to commit to something that I might have to miss last-minute. But can you really not account for a few more people showing up at the last minute (formal events like weddings discluded)? My favorite dinner party I ever threw was a Passover Seder with people of all faiths that grew from 8 to 15 as the night got later, with 10 yes RSVP's.

But maybe it's because of the tradition of Elijah's cup during Passover that I'm so open to this practice of expecting unexpected guests. That and I'm in my 20's... The times are changing, people shouldn't expect these practices to remain stagnant.

Party Planning Vent: What's So Hard About RSVPing?
11/9/12 12:33 AM

Love the apartment! Also, thanks for featuring some DC spaces recently, it's nice to see what people can do here.

Julie's Artful Home in D.C House Tour
9/17/12 04:20 PM

I've been doing this for years! And yes, I'm always a little behind, but I'm not exactly a fashionista or really follow celeb gossip, so it doesn't bother me much.

Saving Your Magazines for the
Plane or Train

9/10/12 09:29 PM

Does anyone know how the Container Store under counter roll-out cans are installed? The website days nothing beyond the fact that it's "easy to install" and theatre hardware is included. Because that seems incredibly useful to me.

Simple & Sleek Trash Cans Under $100
9/3/12 10:30 PM

I know exactly the feeling. In the last year I've moved twice, one of which was across state lines, three times if you include the two weeks my boyfriend and all of his stuff hung out at my apartment. My boyfriend is the energizer bunny who needs to get things set up and moved in, but I was just so exhausted every time.

The Emotional Roller Coaster of a New Home
8/17/12 11:49 AM

The previous tenants left behind a dish drying rack. Which was great, it was good quality. However they left it in the oven with a plastic water-catching tray and, well, that was the victim of our first use of the oven... Ended up having to buy a new metal grate for that.

When Previous Homeowners Leave Useful Items Behind
8/14/12 11:58 AM

This could not have come at a better time. We moved in a week and a half ago and I bought a new shower head (the one here sucks) and it's just been waiting in my closet since. And my guy's not exactly handy around the house... Thanks!

DIY Basics: Replacing a Shower Head Renters Solutions
3/21/12 07:03 PM

This is definitely not just a lonely-single-person thing. I agree with tamster: if your partner is away a lot, or for an extended period of time and you're used to sleeping in the same bed, this is not such a bad thing. People are so judgmental... Maybe if it lost the fingers, people wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hug Me Pillow
5/5/09 05:44 PM