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This is terrific! We have a similar card table house (and I can vouch for the portability - it's fab), but now I'm inspired to make a village to go with it. Uh oh.

Four-Sided Felt Play House | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/31/10 08:49 PM

Those bumpers look like a huge SIDS hazard, but I love the mural. It's beautiful work. The cartoonish furniture works well with the theme, too.

My Room: Enzo North Carolina | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/30/10 04:10 AM

I'm afraid I'm a naysayer too.

The mosquito net's less of a concern for me than the cover for the cot, which will inhibit airflow. Sure, not to the point of suffocation, especially with a lightweight fabric, but you try sleeping under your bedsheet - it gets stuffy very quickly. Lack of air flow is implicated in SIDS and there's a reason Pack&Plays are sold with mesh sides.

Fabulous Frugal DIY Nursery Design Idea | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/23/10 12:44 AM

That's very cute! But after watching my daughter play with stamps and inkpads this morning, a reminder to anyone who does this: keep some wet wipes nearby so people aren't wandering around with inky fingers after. Sometimes it never really dries (as my clothes today will attest).

Turn Thumb Print Leaves Into Family Heirloom Good Ideas | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/4/10 10:23 PM

We did exactly the same as honeyhaze - IKEA Antilop on its side a change pad. I have a little woven basket full of nappy-changing accoutrements next to the pad. Works brilliantly.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Changing Table Suggestions?
12/4/08 12:59 AM

Why are you re-posting all these old nursery stories?

Don't get me wrong, I loved this post originally (and still think it's really, really beautiful) - but it's just WEIRD to have it pop up again with no explanation.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Rachel's Tree Mural
8/11/08 05:31 AM

In Australia the government-issued advice is to avoid soft serve during pregnancy because the machines can harbour listeria.

I'm assuming this is to do with different levels of conservatism in official advisories, rather than something particularly evil about Aussie soft serve machines... but if you're erring on the side of caution, I'd be staying away.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Free Soft Serve Today At Baskin Robbins!
5/21/08 11:06 PM

It's pretty at first glance, but a high chair needs decent back support. Not to mention harnesses!

Tell the fine folks at Sibi that good design requires safety and comfort, not just clean lines. No parent in their right mind would buy this.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Henry IV High Chair
4/18/08 10:06 PM

Love the ABC sign; it's just a shame about the gratuitous apostrophe!

Vintage ABC Sign
7/16/07 03:31 PM

Sweet idea and I LOVE the board - but what happens when you "king" someone?!

Slinksn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
7/10/07 07:10 PM

Another ditto to MEP.

And maybe it's just me but I didn't think the original nursery was particularly 'feminine', anyway!

A Nursery Makeover
7/2/07 03:53 PM