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I LOVE it! Would be soo much more boring with uniform hangers, or when clothes are hung by color, or when other slightly structopathic attempts are used to turn this apartment into some normal, well to live in, easy-to-clean, dustfree and organized 'everything in its own place and a place for everything' place like most people proudly seem to own...

Yoshiko Kajitani's Tokyo ApartmentFeatured on The Selby | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/7/10 10:10 AM

I actually have an alcove to sleep in - finally, at 31. The alcove has a window so it works both winter and summer. I love curling up in it and read, make phone calls, sleep and linger. in winter I decorate with strings of lights, childish maybe but also very romantic so I don't care...

Apartment Therapy New York | Hibernating Dreams: Alcove Beds
11/9/09 04:32 AM

In addition to all mentioned above: make sur you dress appropriately. I was more successful in convincing a landlord about what a great tenant I am when dressed to the nines. If necessary just pretend you're coming straight from work. Also (for women) be extremely friendly and a little flirty - not too much though, nobody wants a slutty tenant :-P

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Makes For A Qualified Renter
9/10/09 04:35 AM

I have done it once, swapped my Amsterdam apartment for a nice place in Paris for the weekend. My next destination: NYC. Anyone interested in swapping their apartment for my beautiful and sunny Amsterdam place sometime this fall - let me know or check craigslist!

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7/21/09 03:25 AM

I have two french art deco mirrored closets from a flea market, very pretty I think. One with railing for my posh stuff, one with shelving for the rest. Oh and they each have a big bottom drawer too. I have them facing eachother so it's like a big dressing room in much better than the inherited fake wood prefab I used to own...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How Chic Is Your Wardrobe or Closet?
6/12/09 03:51 AM

accessories room
shoe room
dressing room
japanese / relax room
massage room
meditation room
room with plants
playroom for children
playroom for adults :-)
wine cellar room

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Ideas for this Spare Room?
6/3/09 09:25 AM

Please note that the Dutch company Bredemeijer also sells these teapots... the design is a little different but they are also really nice and great for daily use!®%20MANTO/1490/5/

Apartment Therapy Boston | Classic French Insulated Teapots
5/4/09 06:03 AM