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This space is brilliant and I would say the size really contributes to their familial closeness and interaction. This is a much healthier way to live than in a massive McMansion.

I currently live in a one bedroom apartment with my husband and our two children (2 and half years and 9 months). We moved into this 300 sq ft space two months ago from a sprawling 3 bedroom apartment and I have found the shift to be radically life altering in the best of ways. I will never live in a big space again and when I come to build my own home I will do it with tiny in mind. It's the key to family cohesion and intimacy.

I love to cook and spend alot of time in the kitchen, my husband is a DJ and spends a lot of time on the computer and with his gear. We continue to pursue our interests invidually but now we do it in the same space (kitchen, living, dining and office is militarily arranged in the one room while we have a queen bed, a small child's bed and a cot in the bedroom). There is much more togetherness living like this and that is priceless for any family in any environment!

We live in 5 minutes walk from the beach in the Caribbean. My point being that for us, like the family in Paris, life is as much about accessing your environment and community as it is about spending time indoors. Living tiny makes for a much more balanced lifestyle, it leaves a much smaller footprint both in terms of energy use and consumption (eg no space for storing heaps of junk therefore stop buying it) AND it only takes 10 minutes for two people to do a cleanup (1 hour for a deep clean including mopping and the bathroom!!)

I recommend it to anyone and everyone - particularly those people who think that this is cruel to children and pets.

Apartment Therapy DC | Tiny Paris Apartment for 4 Dog Cote Maison
5/3/09 08:43 PM