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That is the best furniture update I've seen seen since I don't know when! Impressive results!

The before must have been a lot like the side tables my parents had back in the 70s-- only they were in much better shape than that dresser-- and I would have sworn there was no saving them. Maybe I should have rethought that...

Before & After: A Dilapidated Dresser Cleans Up Its Act
3/19/14 01:14 AM

I'm still in my 30s and have already begun to see stairs as a hazard-- we are moving into a ranch house soon, and I intend to stay in one the rest of my life already; I can already tell my knees won't hold up to the climbing forever!
I know of someone (not much older than me) who recently built a house with his own aging in mind-- extra-wide doors and all one level, etc. People laughed at his thinking, but if he manages to stay in that home until he dies at an advanced age, I have to admit he'll save a lot of time, trouble and money. I kind of hope my generation catches on to that attitude, to tell you the truth, and helps remove some of the stigma of aging in this country. I've lived long enough to see people I love seriously injured in falls (or even fatally injured, in one case), and I intend to keep in mind the value in living somewhere that I can still pursue my interests with less worry about getting hurt doing basic tasks. Great topic, and one worth revisiting!

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/18/14 06:36 AM

I grew up in a rural area, and the nearest grocery store with reasonable prices was 45 minutes away. Stocking up was our only choice-- we even froze gallon jugs of milk. I still have that mentality a little bit, which my husband does not understand at all, but I don't see what the big deal is-- even in the suburbs, you really should have at least a few back-up supplies on hand. Not a whole Costco room, necessarily, but unexpected emergencies can happen anywhere and it doesn't hurt to know you'll be covered for a few days.

Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 10:35 PM

A good system, but anything I am compelled to give away that has been received by friends/family/neighbors automatically gets donated here-- no way would I want them to see it sitting out at a garage sale!

No Hesitation, No Mercy: How To Decide What To Get Rid Of and Then Act NOW Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 11:43 AM

I do all these things, and probably more, except for actually storing shoes! They are especially helpful with small item craft room/ kitchen/ bathroom/ garage storage as well as in my son's room for small toys (As a kid, I always hated digging in the bottom of the toy box to find small stuff, so we don't have a very big toy box.) It's sort of obsessive around here when it comes to this topic, now that I think about it... They want to stop making the Expedit, fine. Just keep me in shoeboxes. ;)

One Minute Tip: Five Uses for the Clear Shoebox Apartment Therapy Videos: Jeni Aron
3/10/14 03:23 PM

So glad you kept the hardware! Cute project.

Before & After: Nicole's Jewelry Box Inspired Dresser Makeover
3/9/14 12:48 AM

While we're on the subject of what's "matchy-matchy," the tufted back of that sofa would never, ever cause me to think about the inner lining of one's intestines if it were not placed anywhere near a chart depicting the internal anatomy of a human being. However... ;)

A Good Tip For Creating a Home That Expresses Your Personality Comment of the Day
3/9/14 12:35 AM

For a bit of all those reasons (crafty/thrifty/control freak), right down to 'laziness in communication.' I like to repurpose things, I hate to waste, I think I have better and more unique stuff by refinishing other people's castoffs for a lot less money than buying new, or depending on the project, I save by putting in the time and labor. It's a way to burn off steam, I like to learn new skills, and I find great satisfaction in doing things with my hands. I come from a line of people who thought this way, too. Plus, if something turns out not quite right, I only have myself to blame instead of paying big bucks for someone else to. ;)

Control Freak: Why I DIY
3/5/14 03:45 PM

Nice! A little bit like my own kiddo's room: the basics were my idea, the rest is all him.

Quinn's Room of Treasures My Room
3/5/14 11:53 AM

Is this what explains how Thomas Kinkade ended up in something like 1 out of 20 American households?

Does Peer Pressure Affect Art Tastes? Design News
3/3/14 10:13 PM

I worked in retail back in college, and even that should make people think twice. I remember what people did to clothing just in the store, never mind all that any garment has been through to get there. You name it, it happens. Yuck.

2 Completely Disgusting Reasons to Wash Before You Wear
3/3/14 09:50 AM

I remember the 90s as the decade convenience foods really took off-- so er, Hot Pockets, anyone? Frozen burrito?

Otherwise, I remember the mid 90s Applebee's menu, which included several items I will always wonder why they discontinued. I haven't eaten there forever, but will always blame them for the restaurant trend of hanging umpteen thousand items on the wall.

This was also the decade responsible for making us all think a cup of coffee should be roughly the size of one's own head. When I think back to the 80s, with its little 6 oz styrofoam cups, I kind of want to laugh...

10 Recipes That Defined the 1990s Recipes of the Decade
2/28/14 01:02 AM

"Adulty things" made me laugh-- that 's what the people before me in my grad school apartment were busy experimenting with-- and then I had to wait for the landlords to scrape thousands of bottle caps off the ceilings before they'd let me move in...

Lots of good advice here! I'd love to tell a younger me:
a) buy pieces that multitask (bookshelves can store stuff or free up counterspace in any room),
b) white plates will never steer you wrong,
c) this is a great time to learn a few DIY skills, and
d) you should definitely take pictures of everywhere you live.

And on a side note, I'll never criticize anyone at any age for drinking out of a mason jar; that one hits a little too close to home. ;)

What I Wish I Knew About Home Decor When I Was 22
2/28/14 12:19 AM

I am a bunny-- Ole Risom, illustrated by Richard Scarry

15 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books Ever
2/24/14 02:17 PM

"Wall of Curios": I had to see into that one, because my thoughts were a) Is this an item for Ripley? and b) I bet I wish I had one, too. ;)

p.s. (Happy to see it's b!)

Sarah's Kitchen Wall of Curios Kitchen Spotlight
2/24/14 01:45 PM

This post really made me laugh! I never would go so far as asking my son on a day like that what he wanted for supper (at our house that's pretty much reserved for birthdays or holidays-- and you certainly aren't getting any treats if I just took such a phone call), but I have been known to serve something along the lines of comfort food when the day has been a tough one. My reasoning is that kind of a day tends to happen when my son is especially tired or hungry (or getting sick), and things will go better if we all eat a little something pleasant that doesn't call for anymore battles of will. It's a way to make sure everyone calms down!

Why I Make My Children's Favorite Meal When They Are Being Awful Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
2/24/14 01:01 PM

I follow (more or less) the clean your house in 20 minutes a day plan that I saw quite a while back on AT--

It is 'laminated' on my fridge (well, with clear contact paper, anyway). I also wrote in/ attached post-its for every-so-often-but-regular chores, like "totally clean the cat box". I do a load of laundry every day or two, so I don't have to do a marathon on the weekend. (Though there is also benefit in doing it at the laundromat, in that it's all done in a couple of hours).

I started this after a very scrambled cross-country move, and eventually everything got put in order; you just have to hold yourself accountable for a little bit every day, and be patient as things get put to rights. Take a picture every week if you want to see progress!

Or, if what you are trying to do is maintain perfection, this might get you a little closer, anyway. I wouldn't go by trying to maintain a fully-styled home at all times; it can take all the joy out of life. Aim for functional and presentable!

How Do You Deal with Mess Stress? Good Questions
2/24/14 10:32 AM

The wood is nice, but I have a feeling the whole project only took off once somebody realized the enormous TV would never fit in the original niche... it somehow seems to be the point of everything.

Before & After: Kristi's DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
2/23/14 12:38 AM

@ shiver: Your parents are one thing, though if you never said thank you while there, they might wonder about the child they had raised. Imagine if it were friends inviting you to their lakehouse for the weekend, or that you can't find a hotel room for some event you plan to attend and end up staying with your cousin that you haven't seen since who knows when-- might call for at least a thank you-we got home okay-nice to see you again card. (And it wouldn't hurt if you didn't do all the other stuff on the list while you were there, too, I suppose! )

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:49 PM

@sharpknife: That is no joke! A couple of years ago, I took a roadtrip with a friend from high school, thinking we were going to catch up. She spent the whole time on the phone/ texting with her mom and the new guy she was dating. Fine to check in, not fine to forget there's someone with you, live and in person. Why you would bother to leave home, only to wish you were somewhere else with different people, I'll never quite understand.

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:06 PM