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"The Cool Guy"... I don't usually go straight towards Nashville, but I usually end up choosing it. But that description is kind of fitting for me, although I've never ended up backstage with a band.

Your Favorite Instagram Filter and What It Says About Your Personality
4/2/13 12:26 PM

I've tried to use this same mat as a mouse pad but my mouse had problems tracking due to the transparent surface. I'm curious if putting a more solid print underneath would remedy this. I'm a gamer, so everything matters.

I've also had the problems with my PROJS desk mat curling. It's very badly distorted where my wrists normally rest. I ended up removing it because of this, but it did a great job at preserving my unfinished pine FURUSKOG desk top.

If my mouse could work on this surface, I would be all in. I love giant mouse pads.

An Easy to Make Gigantic $8 DIY Mousepad A Little Tipsy
3/29/13 04:52 PM

Not bad. I like the 3DS. If you're willing to spend an extra $30, the white/pink 3DS XL would be a better compliment, as it is pink on the outside and white on the inside.

And how can you not go with an Apple product when you have a pineapple on your shirt?

Get This Tech Look: Complementing the H&M Spring Outfit Technologist Style
3/28/13 01:38 PM

Beats are so-so. I personally prefer Aiaiai TMA-1 headphones for their aesthetics, price, and sound quality. They can fit a bit loose on small heads though.

Beats by Dre Pro Headphones
12/16/12 11:32 PM

I am an Apple user to the core. Having said that, this is an impressive device. Though I personally prefer to use iOS, I think Android is ann impressive OS. It is definitely a good thing for there to be more than one type of strong product or software out available. Life is all about preferences and choices. It just comes down to what you, the user, are happy with.

Should Your Next iPhone Really Be an Ice Cream Sandwich?
10/19/11 11:08 PM

This is a great idea! I have a limited amount of desk space, being able to store my charging devices and have my text books out of my backpack and within easy reach with this would be perfect. I like the idea of displaying them facing me forward.

An IKEA-Hacked Device Display Ledge for Less than $20
Flickr Finds

10/6/11 01:38 PM

Nifty! Also, if your desk is thin enough, you can use binder clips to hold cables by clipping them to your desk and putting the cable inside of the metal line part. That could help save $7.

How To Decorate Your Desk… Quickly and Cheaply
9/13/11 02:16 PM

I haven't had icons on my desktop for a few years and I love it! I only have four things in my dock (aside from Finder and Trash) because they're usually always open. Everything else I open up with Quick Silver, which I have set to activate when I press command + space. It's super efficient and helps keep my mind clear because visual clutter bugs me.

Could You Work With a Completely Icon-less Desktop?
9/12/11 08:46 PM

Neat stands. I use my IKEA KVART lamp, which is attached to my windowsill. Keeps things off my desk.

High-End and Handsome Headphone Holders
8/28/11 06:55 PM

I really love this, it has me all inspired and junk. From a visual standpoint, the phone as a whole is stunning, but from a usability standpoint, I have to question the dramatically curved screen. However, the main feature is the display on the bottom of the phone and I can't get over how amazing that is. Perhaps, for those of us who like their Apple products, someone could put out an adapter or high tech case with a similar display that could plug into the bottom of an iPhone and sync directly with the device or a dedicated app.

Final Frame: The Perfect Cell Phone for Tight Jeans
8/20/11 06:06 PM

Love this! I want to see more. I would like to add to the desk curiosity. I almost bought a desk similar to that from Target but it was on clearance and I acted too late.

Peter's Well Designed Duplex
House Call

8/16/11 12:30 AM

I love how #3 looks cel shaded, thanks to the black outlines.

Around the World: Unusually Creative Hotels
7/21/11 03:35 AM

Great home! I love the orange rocker. I NEED ONE!

Blade & Amy’s Modern Miscellaneous
House Tour

7/11/11 11:14 PM

Great redo! Love the concrete countertops, so much better than granite.

Before & After: Jessie's Bright White Kitchen Reno
7/7/11 12:24 AM

I got two authentic 7 Series Chairs from an local office store for $60. They had more but I didn't have enough to buy them. Sadly, the rest were gone when I returned.

You Paid WHAT for That? Best Secondhand Finds Ever
6/21/11 01:51 PM

Those look great. I'm considering a pair. If anyone is looking for something that looks similar but is more affordable, check out "iFrogz Timbre" earbuds. They have pretty good sound for the price. However, mine have a loose cable in one of the earbuds. That happens to a lot of my earbuds though (except the Apple ones, for some odd reason).

Wood Earphones from ThinkSound
Daily Find

5/28/11 01:23 AM

I have a little golden solar powered maneki neko. It's so cute, I can't help but smile when I look at it ^_^

Five Cool Solar-Powered Toys To Decorate Your Desk
3/25/11 12:41 AM

I have the lack 4x1 in black-brown, bought it a couple years ago. I love it! Been using it with casters and took out the removable columns. A great solution for holding all the game consoles I still use (SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Wii, 360, and a DVD player). In addition to all the stuff inside, I also have my 36" Sony LCD and a record player on top. It has been my intent to install sliding doors on the front since I bought it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I love how wide and narrow it is. Those 20" deep consoles are too big. I think I only paid around $100 with casters because it was on sale for $15-$20 less than normal the day I bought it.

3/17/11 02:36 AM

I am currently using a series 7 chair as my nighstand. It works alright. However, I've grown accustomed to using tall nightstands so I'm considering using my desk as my night stand. My room is small so I figure that it would open up things a bit.

Alternative Nightstands: Think Outside the Box
3/12/11 12:18 AM

What a nice office! I love it. Totally agree with you about the red Eames plywood chairs. I could use one myself, hahaha.

Martin's Granite City Home Office

3/9/11 10:55 PM