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I have a huge bolt of vintage hotel upholstery that is gold/red one one side and olive green/red on the other. The more I look at it the more I think the designers purposed it this way. I used to hate the red side until I got into the Moroccan decor (after I read about Jagger's '68Cheyne Walk house).

Apartment Therapy Boston | Using the "Wrong Side" of Fabric
5/1/09 11:04 PM

Every time I see black and white print in stores I want to throw out my eclectic collection of color, but then realize that I want ALL the patterns, and it would result in a disaster. The commitment to stick to the B&W theme is too hard for someone like me who has to paint every piece of furniture she owns.

Apartment Therapy DC | Inspiration: Black and White Rooms and Furnishings
5/1/09 10:56 PM

I swear in the first photo the left bookend is his johnson.

Apartment Therapy DC | Human Furniture Photographs by David Blazquez
5/1/09 10:52 PM

This is a 'pay it forward' moment. Sigh...

Apartment Therapy DC | Closeup: Artwork With a Connection To Its Home
5/1/09 10:44 PM

Finally! Families in transition have taste, too! What a great way to reach out to the community.

Apartment Therapy DC | Redesigners Turn Temporary Housing Shelters into Homes The Washington Post
5/1/09 10:42 PM

Oh yeah, they have free shipping, too. At least I got an email since my recent purchase. I noticed their bedding, too. Teen catalogs probably have more of an eclectic/sale collection since they're not highly sought items over bikinis.

Apartment Therapy DC | Springtime Bedding from an Unexpected Source
5/1/09 10:41 PM

Restore the wood and go with zebra fabric seats. That would be chic and keeping it MCM.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Opinions About Chair Restoration? Los Angeles
5/1/09 10:37 PM

This style makes me feel anxious. It looks like an airport or a psychiatric office from 1980 (not that I'd know).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Many Faces of Kelly Hoppen
5/1/09 10:28 PM

Margie, there's nothing you can do since the glass has been cracked allowing moisture and dirt to be trapped. Unless your landlord would replace it? You could try to paint that one, or hang another antique pane in front to disguise it, or make it a window box?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Clean Your WindowsThe Oregonian: 04.27.09
5/1/09 10:26 PM

A chance to forget shoes and the junk they track in on the beige w/w carpeting.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Beach House Renovations Coastal Living
5/1/09 10:22 PM

Beddybee, you said it perfectly!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | For Sale: Gavin Newsom's Bellaire Tower PenthouseSan Francisco
5/1/09 10:21 PM

That there will be some type of disaster deeming that the Fire Department (with hot firemen) or my Landlord will have to bust in at a weird time when the dishes are in the sink, I'm filing my toenails on my couch, faced smeared with green masque, wearing my 12 year old vintage hotel robe that looks like rats have been eating it. And oh yeah, there are piles and piles of dirty laundry all around because it's laundry day (everyday, actually), and my cat is traumatized and projectile vomits in the midst of this. And I will have to vacate wearing said outfit and catch my 21 lb Hulk cat that goes gelatinous when I approach, and his sister a 7 lb 'bunny' and get them into carriers and somehow get all 3 of us down 2 flights of stairs just to stand in front of my neighbors whom I really don't like.
That scares me, as well as a vacant apartment adjacent to mine. God knows what will move in...they might hate vintage anything.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Freaks You Out About Your Home?
5/1/09 10:18 PM

The sofa/daybed is divine. I fall for any unconventional sofa or seating arrangement.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Lili Diallo's Interiors
5/1/09 10:00 PM

Weird idea-border the sisal with the striped rugs to give it a bigger, bolder summer impact. Then, in the fall, revert to the sisal, maybe with a smaller autumnal colored rug placed on top?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before and After: Elsie's New (Affordable) Rug
5/1/09 07:19 PM