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I need a top sheet too.

I don't need faux fleece on my chairs, though.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 06:39 PM

Just started having a cleaning person come once a month. Even as a single childless person, sometimes I feel like I have to DO IT ALL. I have a ton of responsibility at work. I am 100% responsible for myself at home without a partner or family nearby (even though my friends are great, inviting them over to help me clean on Friday night isn't something they will say yes to). Even though my place is always quite tidy - I never do a thorough job muchless on a regular basis.
Once a month is well within my budget and the mental break of knowing my house will be cleaned has been lovely. The grown up part (for me) is carefully weighing the decision and deciding that it is okay to delegate/get help and enjoying the results.

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/26/14 05:00 PM

I love these posts. They are so GOOP-y.

Swedish Reindeer Hides
12/9/13 11:38 AM

I wish sugary treats weren't the default. In the past, I've made soup (froze it in a nice jar).

Are You Making Homemade Holiday Gifts? Reader Survey
12/2/13 01:25 PM

Actually, I think looking at hotel rooms might provide some inspiration. Other commenters have it right - you need more color, texture (rugs/art) and better lighting. Take a look at websites of W HOTELS or RENAISSANCE_Marriott or some other upscale hotel line that is inline with your style to see how they put their rooms together.

Since you can't exactly hide a bed in a studio - you might as well make it look as fabulous as possible.

What Sofa/Seating Can I Add to Transform This Room? Good Questions
10/21/13 02:09 PM

Another fan of kimchi and scrambled eggs.

I also add it to stir fries / fried rice.

What Can I Make With Lots of Kimchi? Good Questions
9/26/13 11:14 AM

Start simple.

For the wood - try some orange oil furniture polish.

For the leather top - don't remove it!!! Look for LEXOL leather cleaning products if it needs to be cleaned. But I'd probably just use a LEXOL leather conditioner to buff it up.

Should I Try to Save this Leather Tabletop? Good Questions
8/13/13 11:31 AM

I can only hope my "AFTER" looks as nice as this.

Kim's Before Photos: Work in Progress Bedroom Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/5/13 07:46 PM

What happened to good ole tupperware? google images for orange tupperware lunchbox. that's what i used when i was a kid. of course i wanted one with the latest and greatest cartoons but my folks didn't cave. we used them for years.

Best Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags for Kids Back to School 2013
8/2/13 01:26 PM

Dabney: your posts are IMHO the best AT posts going. Funny, interesting, and on-design-topic. Love it.

Dabney's Interview: Eclectic & Interesting Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/1/13 12:37 PM

@crosberg: I tend to have similar feelings about how propaganda posters from dark periods of world history are for sale as into decor. Specifically, Mao and Lenin kitsch. Sometimes I wonder if it is because the U.S. didn't as directly engage with China/Russia as enemies in conflict...whereas one doesn't see any Nazi kitsch being used as decorative items. I like @amimos response.

What I Bought in Morocco
7/23/13 02:21 PM

Is there a way to see what museums have what artists in their permanent collection and on display? There are some paintings by less prominent painters that I would like to see (jack levine, klimt landscapes to name two) but I have no idea what museums have a significant collection of the work I am curious to see.

What's on Your Art-To-See Wishlist?
7/22/13 05:57 PM

I often add soy sauce to the balsamic vinaigrette concoction. Sometimes adding a dash of sesame oil. If I'm lucky I'll have some ginger root to grate up and add.

5 Salad Dressings to Know by Heart Essential Recipes from The Kitchn
7/17/13 06:32 PM

I recently used this on a trip and felt like it really made a difference. My brain did not feel like mush upon landing in London at noon and easily stayed alert and coherent until an early bed time. On my return - I think it made a 4-hour layover in Chicago much more bearable too.

5 No-Fail Tips for Surviving Jetlag
7/17/13 01:21 PM

Once I get to my destination - I tend to not be concerned too much with my wardrobe. But the psychology of packing and anticipation and wanting to be 100% comfortable and prepared is very different than the psychology of getting to the destination and realizing that you are really quite adaptable.

Traveling Light: A Few Examples of Most Impressive Packing
7/16/13 02:14 PM

What about the stuff you are bringing to the home?

If I were to take the lightest hand to the room...I would re arrange the art on the wall (they look like awards/certificates/coins that have been nicely framed) and the pictures on the mantel.

Hopefully you are bringing some art that can be added to the living room. His stuff could be displayed in a hallway where people could actually see the detail of what is there. The pictures on the mantel could be moved to a round side table and a larger piece of art hung over the mantel. Currently the scale of stuff there is awkward.

It looks like the room could use some lamps. Hopefully you are bringing some lighting with you?

Probably the only thing I would immediately want to replace is the rug.

How To De-Bachelorize Boyfriend's House? Good Questions
7/16/13 11:10 AM

I've got a cashback credit card and since I pay my balances off in full I use credit cards for most of my daily purchases. I let my rewards build and recently when I went on vacation, I almost had $500 stored up. I put that as credit on my account and used that card for meals and purchases. Consequently, my credit card statement was pleasantly small after vacation.

Planning the Perfect Vacation: Tips For Saving Up For Your Trip
7/9/13 02:11 PM

I got an adjustable stand for my computer monitors at work - ergotron. Now I can sit and stand at my desk. It's still a little tough for me to do intensive editing/writing while standing but I am slowly adjusting. But with standing you have to be conscientious about keeping your weight evenly dispersed over both feet instead of shifting your weight to one side or another.

Healthy Design: 3 Core Engaging Chairs
7/9/13 01:15 PM

When it is hot - I remove the duvet from the cover and just use the cover...
A duvet doesn't *have* to be inside in order to use it!

Perfect for Summertime Sleeping: 5 Sources for Linen Bedding
6/25/13 04:38 PM

I use my cashback awards on my credit card in the same way. I let it build up and use that as my spending money on vacation.

Moving Money: Saving Your Change for a Time Of Change
6/25/13 12:40 PM