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Oh yea and I am selecting the Deep Treatment!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Spring Cure 08: Week One Check In
3/13/08 03:39 PM

I bought flowers and am still reading the first 69 pages.
Still working on Photographs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Spring Cure 08: Week One Check In
3/13/08 03:35 PM

I am a mad sewer. Currently a Fashion Design Student. This iron could possibly lead me down a direct path to nirvana. Oh, the heavens and earth might open up and swallow me whole. I already have what I perceive to be the “Ark of the Covenant” of ironing boards (Costco special).

This item although not tested and I am a tough customer, I am very meticulous about my irons. Appears to be the real deal. If chosen and if I find it to be worthy it would help me complete my triad of much needed equipment for successful completion of Design School. I would be glad to test and test and then test again. Oh and by the way, ask me about my "Ironing your way to inner tranquility" book soon to hit the bookstores. Not really but it is a thought.

Thanks for this great site, I love it but my apartment still is in dire need so I best keep coming back whether I win or not.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Email: Rowenta Pressure Iron Steamer Giveaway - 1.31.08
1/31/08 09:47 AM

I love the first photo also

Apartment Therapy - #8 Susan's Desert Hideaway
10/12/07 03:23 PM

Dreaming of Swap Meets and Finds Galore. It's what I rather be doing for sure.

Apartment Therapy - Ready for the weekend? Ready for the Rose Bowl?
10/12/07 03:19 PM

San Deeahgo.....mmm

Apartment Therapy - Look! Inspiration from Anchorman
9/13/07 04:53 PM

Count me in although strapped for time school/work. I'm still making my apartment a priority even if I just do small things. They should have a accumulative effect. I would love to see improvement by the holidays.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Cure: Starts Next Monday
9/10/07 11:25 AM

Also I have hung wallpaper myself as well as hired someone to do it.

Apartment Therapy - A question about Wallpaper...
9/4/07 10:25 AM

I've had wallpaper in the past and I miss it dearly. I always had it in my kitchen.

I moved and keep trying to figure a way to add it to my effiency kitchen but I can not seem to come up with a solution that I think I can live with. I may have to forego wallpaper until my next apartment. I will definetly be looking at the kitchen walls of a new place with wallpaper in mind.

I guess I could try it in some other room of my apartment but would probably need lots of hand holding in order to do so.

I've thought about painting on wall paper also as a alternative to wallpaper.

Meanwhile I hang onto the phone # of the master paper hanger I hired the last time I papered my old kitchen just in case.

Apartment Therapy - A question about Wallpaper...
9/4/07 10:24 AM

Wow I have 2 couches both of them big enough for some serious slumber, I know from Would I let a stranger stay at my place? I am going to check this out.

Apartment Therapy - Houseguests and Couchsurfers
8/16/07 04:06 PM

Ty always seemed like a fair designer to me albeit sometimes annoying on TV.

ADHD. I like that play on acronym. It is apropos considering his television demeanor.

With the exception of the beside table lamps I am digging the red bedroom. I will have to drop by and check it out.

Apartment Therapy - Ty Pennington ADHD Opening in Venice
8/16/07 03:58 PM

Thanks, I have got to have this for my front door.

Slinksn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
8/9/07 09:47 AM

well worth the a single parent...I had this belief that my children should not grow up devoid of any knowledge of the finer things in I would choose something save slowly and expose them. One year my daughter and I stayed one night in the Del. What fun we had in this classic luxury hotel and a memory we both delight in to this day...

Travel Back in Time
8/9/07 09:45 AM

Having been around since the inception of skateboards both Round 1 in the 60's and the later Round in the 70’s that caught on and is still with us today. Born and raised in Dog town, having spawned a demon skater who is now 28...might be a genetic thing as I was a skater myself...

I have to say I find these remarks in this forum regarding skateboarding somewhat offensive. Surly there must be a better forum for such remarks than the likes of an apartment therapy post highlighting blue tiled benches in Ventura County. However, since you insist then I want my opinion put in the mix.

Primarily skating is a mode of transportation for many. When cars caught on and the market reached a certain saturation point, they paved roads to accommodate automobile traffic. In Los Angeles in the 1970's bike paths were included in road planning when we decided to accommodate the growing numbers of bikers on the roads, this helped to mitigate certain safety issues but skaters as commuters were at that time ignored and since then have been vilified more often than not. City planning to include skateboarders, even though the numbers are legion and I believe would grow even more with different civic attitudes, was not even noteworthy back then.

Here in Los Angeles where skateboarding was invented, it was looked upon and marketed as a kids toy and has never been allowed to make the leap from that niche to that of which it is “transportation” and “green transportation” at that.

The phenomenon of empty pool - bench - rail skating is an offshoot of skateboarding original intentions but not such a leap when you observe how surfboards are utilized and understand that most skaters in the beginning were primarily surfers. My younger brother was directly involved in this “outside the box utilization of skateboards” movement back then at the inception. Empty pools during a drought, if that is not creative I do not know what is.

Some smart and friendly city planner finally decided to have a different attitude about our skateboarding friends and this is where skate parks started to pop up in the 1990’s. Skate parks came into being partly to try to stop what they perceived and real lawlessness and some because they supported the cause. Skate parks come in handy but skate parks do not mean skaters will not be on the streets/sidewalks nor should they be banned from the use of streets / sidewalks. Skaters are not stupid the more places they can skate the better is the mindset of most.

Green transportation needs to be encouraged, just like bicycles. My opinion is not the popular opinion especially as skateboarders are looked upon as the rude rotten bastard children of rude rotten bastards and bitches. My vision of a skateboarding friendly community is the subject of an ecological friendly post at some future date.

In addition, when I read the comments like these especially since this has all been precipitated by Laure saying she would love the blue flower concrete things to hold up a mirror in her home (Which by the way I commend you on your ability to think outside the box Laure what a great idea!).

I would like to add that Skateboarding all started from outside the box thinking and it precipitated a continuous steam of outside the box thinking for thirty some odd years that is why I support anyone right to skate anytime anywhere. However, if someone whats to protect or block private or public property being utilized by skaters I support their right to do so. Especially if their right to do so gives people like Laure a great idea for hanging a mirror in their home.

All of this is just my perspective and I am sure could be argued into the ground. I could go on but I am sure you have had enough.

Tile Vault: Ventura Public Bench
8/8/07 10:10 AM

I collect maps and am always looking for ways to display them because I think they are beatiful and chock full of information!
This room is an inspiration.

Look! Maps as Wallpaper
8/7/07 09:24 AM

Grace thanks so much for these photo's even though the shop is 3000 miles away I will certainly check out the online shop

The Future is Looking Good: Futures Antiques
8/7/07 09:18 AM

I am imagining a replica bench in a funky venice garden. I wonder how labor intensive and what the expense might be behind a do it yourself smaller version. ahhh homework.

Tile Vault: Ventura Public Bench
8/7/07 09:12 AM

I am going to keep my eye out for this book in my travels. I love the Paloma Picasso Parisian art deco apartment - Just Lovely.

Bookmarked: Living Well, The New York Times Book of Home Design and Decoration
8/2/07 08:29 AM

Laure you didn't I can't believe you gave up Pepe's. I may never
get over this.

Pepe's Thrifty Shop
7/25/07 01:06 PM

Congradulations Laure and Grace.

Welcome ATLA's Newest and Brightest!
7/23/07 08:24 AM