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I love this room and am already drawing inspiration from it for our son's room (he's arriving sometime in April). Would you mind sharing the wall color, and the fabulous orange that you used on the dresser?

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1/12/12 09:12 AM

Great room! Where did you get the ABC wall decals?

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11/29/11 11:10 AM

1. Immersion Blender (I can't even begin to say how much I love it)
2. Slow cooker (because I love waking up to porridge that cooked while I was sleeping, and coming home to dinner that cooked while I was working)
3. Staub dutch oven (for the times I'm not using my slow cooker)
4. Electric throw blankets (so we can crank our furnace way down in the winter yet still be nice and warm while we're watching tv)
5. Mrs. Meyers cleaning products (they contribute to cleaning and dishwashing happiness)

My 5 Essential Household Items: What are Yours?
3/11/11 12:24 PM

I need this for my apartment! And since I also live in Traverse City, it would be particularly convenient ... no need to ship it, we could make pick-up/drop off arrangements!

Snowdin, your name is particularly appropriate today.

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12/6/10 12:24 PM

No Michael Keaton from Family Ties? If I could pick any tv dad to be my dad it would be him, hands down!

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6/4/10 03:23 PM

This is one of my all-time favorite kitchen tours. You all have created such a welcoming, , bright, comfortable spot! Add me to the list of fans of the Hoosier cabinet ... someday when I have a kitchen large enough, I will be trying to track one down for myself!

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6/28/09 12:04 PM

I live in Louisville and there are brick homes everywhere ... and when I'm in a neighborhood full of brick homes similar to the one pictured above, my favorite house is always the one that has been painted. I LOVE brick and if I owned a brick home I don't know if I would have the nerve to paint it myself ... but I always appreciate the homeowners who have painted their brick and I've never seen a painted brick home that doesn't look fantastic. I especially like brick that is painted gray.

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4/30/09 12:58 PM