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grammar nazis are a lot better than people who make you read everything twice to understand them. And if they cannot write at the grade school level, they should stay off the computer.

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7/20/10 07:15 PM

With me it is silverware. I have about 15 plates but have on hand about 25 place settings of knives forks etc, thanks to being guided to ebay. This way every one has a good fork and knife to eat and clean forks or spoons for dessert. Corelle is lighter than those Ikea plates and can fit in a small area, would not mind having 50 or 100 on hand myself. Good idea.

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4/3/10 10:49 PM

I am surprised no one mentioned hamburger soup. Start with hamburger, tomatoes,onions, and just about any veggie left over add pasta or rice etc. It really cleans out the refrigerator.

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11/3/09 04:16 PM

embalming is just putting formaldehyde into the ecosystem. Just put me in a sheet and into the ground or if they can't do that, cremate me. We need more natural burials. You notice that murdered people lying on the ground etc do not create illness or pollution of the land. Embalming and funerals do.

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4/30/09 01:26 PM