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I know that it has been mentioned but yikes.... blind cords
so scary, get your landlord on to that before you get in there or remove them yourself and take the opportunity to put up some curtains in a color you love. my pick would be a grey and white with aqua or teal. have fun and good luck with the move!

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4/18/10 08:08 AM

Heidi by Joannah Spyri is a great story for everyone, The little house on the prairie series are just lovely (I can still remember Pa Wilder telling his girls "beauty is as beauty does") The lorax by Dr Seuss is a great cautionary tale about how greed can destroy. I am looking forward to my daughter reading me the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.

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4/14/10 07:41 AM

a small pot and packets of seeds, fruit bars or a raison box I have put in homemade cookies and cupcakes they are a bigger bang for your buck, coloring in (photocopied from a national geographic printout that I found online) and stickers. Our playgroup decided that rather then everyone bringing in christmas gifts at the party all the parents would give $10 and each child would receive a gift bag, I got a 15 piece tub of viking chubbies on sale and divided them up, they also each got a set of 3 small cardboard toddler books and a soft toy from ikea which had no choking hazard parts (like button eyes) I sourced the items with strict quality control in mind as the median age was 1-2 years and within budget. ikea have some great high quality but well priced things worth a look if you have a local. hair clips for an older girls party. bubbles. I could go on....

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3/27/10 11:27 AM

The IKEA catalogue could well be a decorating for dummies book. My belief is that as a designer, I like to feel clever and original about the way I put anything together. Ikea has taken all the guess work out of the interior design/decorate process and made it almost too easy so that people with no flair can have a really neat place, but lets put snobbery aside, I have very fond feelings towards IKEA...it really has sorted out a lot of problems in the one place and at a reasonable price. If I look around my place I don't feel as though I am living in their catalogue but I have a heap of ikea stuff. there are frames on the wall, nearly every cupboard or drawer has some form of ikea organiser in it as well as a host of ikea market place stuff like tea towels, bag snaps,glass canisters, rugs, make up trays, the list goes on. Our playroom is almost all Ikea and I love the kids and baby section for nearly all of it's products especially the toys. Our study has a massive very cool world map on the wall (from the frame and mirror section) and the ubiquitous billy bookcases and desk as well as a healthy mix of vintage pics, old metal filing cabinet, a vinyl 60's office chair (found on the side of the road) the room looks great and was CHEAP. I don't live in the US and we do not have the range of retailers that sell similar products at the same low price point. It is a fun way to shop....kind of like poking through a strangers home and appeals to a voyeristic side to me that I am way too conservative to ever exercise elsewhere, and hey the names are funny too...who doesn't smile at the thought of buying a poang or a flarkenshnork (okay those 70% people will know I made that last one up) Some of the stuff is really junky, but you will always find that it will be priced accordingly so I can forgive that. Ikea is great value...just NEVER eat the hot dogs!

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5/2/09 05:21 AM