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Where'd you get the graphic above the headboard? I photographed one I found in Soho near my office 3 years ago and have been trying to located the artist...

Any info would help!

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8/11/09 11:28 PM

Replace the handles...

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8/7/09 12:56 AM

Nooka pop up shop on 11th street / 2nd, NYC!!!

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7/23/09 11:09 PM

Use neutrals for bedding, keep it clear of too many pillows and put a c-table over it. Upholstered headboard will also sex it up and make it look less adolescent.

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7/23/09 12:42 AM

Looks like thumb tacks holding up the felt upholstery. I would use mirror mastic gum to mount felt.

I used grey fedora Flor tiles in my room and mounted with mirror mastic. Works like a charm and does not warp in dry or humid environments. It also looks clean.

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5/8/09 03:23 AM

American Psycho.

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4/30/09 02:45 AM