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Currently renovating a home with beautiful plaster walls. Several rooms have wallpaper which has been painted over. Oh the curses I have uttered at the former owners for ruining these great walls!!! Once you paint it - yike the wallpaper removal is nearly impossible. And eventually the seams will pop so they will have to be carved out. Will never look the same. If you're certain the house is a P.O.S and is going to be demo'ed I'd go for it. All for efficiency. If I were looking at a house and it had paint over wallpaper I would definitely wonder what other type of rinky dink modifications had been made in other areas.

Sorry for the rant - my anger at wallpaper painters is leaking out :) You are obviously a good and thoughtful person to have ask the question!!

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Color Therapy

5/3/11 09:28 PM in Jackson Hole, WY.

In one hour Allow Me turned my closet from a tangled mess into a beautiful haven. If you've ever seen "What Not To Wear" you will appreciate it. The best part is that I'm a super messy person but the organization was so good that it was easy to stick to it. (Still hanging button downs next to button downs a year later) Sadly Allow Me only operates in Jackson Hole, WY.

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Shopper's Guide

5/3/11 09:15 PM

-Art from friends

-Sheep Skin throw / rug. eeee yeah - non vegan. sorry. haven't napped on the couch in months in favor of the dense wool comfort of this rug.

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2/1/11 12:21 AM

I would have said i loved this post if it hadn't been covered up so quickly by the Dove ad that had no close button. :(

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10/7/10 08:15 PM