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There must have been a lot of great minds thinking alike last year because I was Marie Antoinette for Halloween too! I made such an awesome wig I wish I could where it all of the time. Anyway I went to a friends party and someone else was dressed as Marie Antoinette too in the same dress as me ha ha I didn't think it was so funny at the time though but it made for a good picture.

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5/6/09 01:21 AM

Casey Marie: oh my gosh that is such a great idea I absolutely love the concept of it :) If you were ever to make one in print I'd totally want one because i just love it ha ha Thanks for sharing!

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5/2/09 01:12 AM

hey labchick, I'm with you on the zombie thing that is my biggest fear ever. I'm so scared of them even watching Sean of The Dead freaked me out (it was still funny though).

The only thing that freaks me out in my house are the pesty jumping black spiders that only seem to show themselves in my bathroom. Seriously besides outside I only ever see them in my bathroom, no where else in the house, I don't get it.

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4/30/09 12:39 AM

did you create that magnificent 'I Love that Sasquatch' art?! Its so great, I'd love to know where I could get one (if possible?) :)

your space is so creative and fun!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Casey Marie's All In One Room Tiny Division #49
4/30/09 12:29 AM

this is absolutely fabulous! I am in love with the furniture, the colors, textures everything is so well placed. It looks comfortable and chic and just very welcoming. I'm def. inspired!

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4/29/09 11:14 PM