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Cool and everything, but what happened to accessibility? Hmm...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Reverse Arch Doorway Offices
3/9/08 11:26 PM

«when you are an expat living in a city that is filled with expats, be it Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, etc...Your experience is not authentic.»

I'm sorry, but I don't agree - I reckon that as long as you don't *just* stick to your expats fellows but befriend (or at least communicate with) natives, your experience will be by all means authentic - and, in my book, by "authentic" I mean not feeling like an alienated tourist but part of a community.

(btw, Italian living in Rome, here, too - but I've experienced living abroad and managed not to feel like a tourist. Surely I didn't rent $7,000 a month flats, though. ;))

Apartment Therapy New York | Roman Rental Apartment NYT 1.29.08
1/30/08 12:51 PM

Actually, Coca Cola is also v. good to unblock the drain. No, I mean seriously. :)

Apartment Therapy - Coca-Cola...the stain remover?
11/27/07 01:40 PM

Yum-yum, sound lovely! I have fresh raspberries here at home, not cranberries, altho I reckon they have cranberries at the market near here, too... I'll either go and check for them later in the morning or use raspberries for the recipe, they'll be delicious anyway. Thank you!

Apartment Therapy - Recipe: Fresh Cranberry Scones
11/8/07 09:52 PM

Looks bigger than 50 sq feet...
Anyways, it's really brilliant, love it, especially the rugs and the stable-like wooden door!

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Jane Catherine's Colorful World
10/22/07 12:39 PM

beautiful as a piece of art, awful as stairs.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?
10/19/07 11:56 PM

The chest of drawers is alright... it's the mirror I can't stand! :)

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?: Pink Inlay Chest
9/18/07 07:25 AM

I actually *asked* the former owner. The shelving unit was on the sidewalk and I saw contractors going in and out of a flat in the opposite building. So I just approached them and asked if they knew the flat's owner was throwing that away, they called him, and he said yes, so I took it home. The story was the guy who now owns that flat bought it with some furniture already in it, but he didn't like that, so brought the pieces he didn't like on the sidewalk on purpose for other people to take. :)

Apartment Therapy - Look! One Man's Trash
9/17/07 09:48 AM

Well, yes, right behind my building - I found this lovely shelving unit (sorry for the mess, I'm undergoing a major junk-shuffling these days... :)):

Apartment Therapy - Look! One Man's Trash
9/17/07 09:02 AM

I used to. Then I developed some sort of "allergy" to the smell caused by deep frying :) no, seriously, I always ended up with my throat aching, which isn't a good thing especially since I study classical singing... :-/

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Do You Deep Fry At Home?
9/17/07 05:14 AM

My Mom (who was born and raised near Naples) makes pizza with fiori di zucca, mozzarella and salted anchovies on it, and it's yummilicious!! :)

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Where Can I Find Squash Blossoms?
8/30/07 06:01 AM

I'm glad you rerun the voting as I've been away all month! :D

Anyways, i think they're all nice and clever, still I like Mimi's one the most.

Apartment Therapy - Market Bag Contest: Restart Your Engines!
8/29/07 12:20 PM

Oooh, a friend of mine's getting Michael Van Valkenburgh's Green roofs book for me from their catalogue as a birthday pressie! ;)

My favourite LA building is Wyman's Bradbury Building (I know, I'm rétro...).


Apartment Therapy - Win a FREE copy of L.A. Lofts
8/29/07 09:49 AM


Hot or Not?: Brush in a Rush
7/31/07 07:16 AM

LolaDanger - as I said, that was just my opinion. I also said that the project concept is clever, or better, an interesting one, I can see people subscribing to that. Still, it's not my thing, as to me building up an art collection also involves people finding art pieces by themselves - I love the thought of being involved in the process of creating the collection.

The Thing Quarterly: A Mail Order Art Project
7/30/07 03:55 PM

Sounds a clever project, still I think if one wants to build up an art collection, leaving the choice of what should be in it to strangers isn't the right thing to do. Just my opinion, anyway.

The Thing Quarterly: A Mail Order Art Project
7/30/07 08:16 AM


7/27/07 09:35 AM

A bookcase that slides to reveal the nook if needed.

Good Questions: How Can I Cover Up This Nook?
7/27/07 06:56 AM

Absolutely love it! Very "european" indeed. Wish I had a similarly big place (my flat is indeed really small), as that's my idea of home-feel, too.

Inside Out: Versailles on the Upper West Side?
7/25/07 10:13 AM

Erm... both slideshow and "see all pics at once" links aren't working... but the two piccies above are really fab! Love it!!!

Inside Out: Versailles on the Upper West Side?
7/25/07 09:02 AM