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"Dullsville, USA" was a joke about the quality of today’s Broyhill furniture.

The 1970s Electronics Collector Flickr Finds | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/2/10 08:01 PM

Another quote to back up what Michael said about Urban Outfitter's CEO Glen Senk:

“There is nothing homophobic about Dick Heyne,” he continued. “When he made these donations I said to him: ‘I’m personally offended by the fact that you would support this guy. If he had his way I’d be in jail’. And he said to me: ‘You’re right, I hate his views regarding homosexuality, but I’m not a one-issue voter’.”

Senk continued: “I’ll go on record saying I don’t think he should’ve done it. But, if you’re talking about Urban Outfitters, talk about me being the CEO, that I’ve given the maximum amount of financial backing to Obama, that I supported Dan Anders – one of the first gay judges in America. There is no organisation, that I’m aware of, that is more of a democracy than this company.”
From what I can see, if you choose to boycott Urban Outfitters simply because its founder made some (admittedly jackass) campaign contributions 4 years ago, you're more likely affecting the thousands of gay staff that the company employs every year under the direction of an openly gay, liberally-minded CEO.

I'm all for fighting the good fight against a company’s lack of ethics. This isn’t the good fight.

Apartment Therapy New York | Alexander Girard coming to Urban Outfitters in July
9/29/09 01:41 AM

I think Americans do indeed mix it up — they just happen to mix it up with American contemporary, which is not as mature as Europe's new stuff, as Pam alludes.

Also, those who are feel over-saturated by MCM may be saying more about the blogs they frequent and magazines they read than the styles popular in real American homes. Even here in design savvy San Francisco I rarely see a room full of great, minimal classics like those in Dave's place. If it's antique, it's usually overdesigned, googie, or not modernist at all. There is still a lot to learn from the best design of the '50s and '60s.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Dave Cuzner's Retro Cool Oakland Townhouse
11/6/08 07:34 PM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Danish Modern Dining Rooms
11/5/08 02:55 PM

More info on and images of the Carter #200 on The Mid-Century Modernist this week. There is also a seller who has a few pieces on offer.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Similar Chair?
1/7/08 09:26 AM

From personal experience, I assure you it's quite stable. Even the klutziest among us (which I am sure you, Francesca, are not) wouldn't accidentally tip the thing.

Offi Mag Table
6/28/07 11:17 AM