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To the best of my knowledge these 'Tetra Pak' style cartons are composed of several layers of paper, foil, and plastic. While technically recyclable, the sandwich of materials won't be handled in a standard paper recycling stream nor with composting.

In my municipality these cartons are collected along with other recyclables, and are then sorted into the appropriate stream. However, if you don't have a recycling facility that accepts the cartons then they unfortunately belong in the general waste for landfill/incineration.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: How to Recycle Milk Cartons (w/ Plastic Lids)?
4/14/09 06:13 PM

This construction of this house was followed on an episode of the British architecture/design programme Grand Designs. More info on the house here.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Curved House from the Modern House Estate Agents
10/22/08 02:30 PM

I used these when building a fence in my parents garden almost ten years ago. Finished, the posts stand seven feet tall, with six by six panels between the posts. They live in quite a windy area and the fence is still very solid.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Building a Fence: Alternatives to Concrete Anchors?
10/8/08 08:06 AM

I use a retractable washing line, something like <A HREF="">this</A>.

The line coils into the unit which you mount on a wall, pull it out and attach the end to a hook when needed. I'd suggest trying to set it up to run across the diagonal to get the most length.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: How and Where to Hang a Clothesline?
9/10/08 09:28 AM

What about something like <A HREF="">these</A>?

Clean and simple when not in use, e.g. no logs to gather dust and cobwebs, and a somewhat more substantial flame than a candle or two would offer.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Neat Ideas for Non Operable Fireplaces?
8/6/08 02:50 PM

I've just finished doing just that in the living room, and its turned out rather well if I do say so myself. I went with a fairly vivid green, patterned, paper on the one wall and a very pale grey on the others.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Wallpaper One Wall, Paint the Others?
7/16/08 04:36 PM

It looks great, but having your wine collection out exposed to the light like that isn't going to be doing it any favours.

Apartment Therapy New York | Wine Storage Pegs by Ernestomeda
6/26/08 09:02 AM

Nephster, they're in the new Beacon South complex in Sandyford. There's also a Diamond Living (not too exciting), a Kube (some nice looking kitchens), and a Roche Bobois (some nice pieces, but big prices too), in Beacon South.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Coming Soon to Chicago: BoConcept
6/10/08 01:47 PM

I can't speak for any of the shops in the US, but a BoConcept recently opened near me in Dublin and I've had a wonderful experience with them thus far.

All the staff I've encountered have been extremely patient, helpful and forthcoming with good advice without being pushy, as I mulled over various options for a sofa and chairs. I finally ordered a few weeks ago, and I should, all things going to plan, be seeing my new furniture in another few weeks.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Coming Soon to Chicago: BoConcept
6/9/08 03:23 PM

A breadbin, on top of which again sit containers of muselli and porridge oats. The cat often sleeps behind the bread bin on a cool day.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's On Top of Your Fridge?
1/17/08 06:21 PM

Anne - to the best of my knowledge USB is USB and I've never had any trouble using an external hard drive over USB with Vista or XP. In theory, any empty enclosure should do the job, you put your drive in it and hook it up to your machine.

Just from having a quick look, I can't see why either <A HREF="">this one from Amazon</A>, or <A HREF="">this one</A> shouldn't work fine with Vista.

But really all any of the cases are doing is providing a conversion from the hard drive connection to a USB connection. I'm running Vista and used this method to connect the drive from my old laptop. The one I used is <A HREF="">here</A>, but it has some extra bells and whistles you mightn't want.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Transferring Bookmarks?
11/1/07 08:32 AM

I would say that rather than trying to put the old drive into your new laptop, and all the potential warranty issues that could arise from opening up your new machine, try and get a 2.5" drive enclosure. They're readily available, a google search will throw up plenty starting at very low prices.

Take the drive from your old laptop, usually a matter of releasing a few small screws, place it in your shiny new enclosure. Connect this, via USB, to your new laptop, and it will show up as an external drive. You can then navigate through the file structure on the old drive and find your firefox bookmarks, along with anything else that may have been overlooked in the transfer.

Once you've got everything off the old drive, you can format it, and you then have an external drive useful for backup purposes etc. Since all that was wrong with your hold laptop is the backlight, you may as well scavenge it for parts!

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Transferring Bookmarks?
11/1/07 06:17 AM

Actually these small mosaic tile are considerably more expensive than normal sized ceramic tiles ... particularly to have laid, although they usually come on sheets, the grouting between all those small tiles takes an awful lot longer than the same space filled with larger tiles

I agree they are very nice though

Apartment Therapy - TileVault:White Hex Grocery Tile
9/11/07 12:11 PM

Ye, I'd have to vote for none of the above as well ... nothing wrong with the idea, just don't see it as something I want or need at the moment.

Apartment Therapy - September is Adornment Month!
9/10/07 09:36 AM

Mobile phone, laptop, dSLR lenses & tripod, external HDD to back up photos, iPod ... and of courses all associated chargers, cables, etc.

Survey: How many gadgets when you travel?
8/7/07 04:01 AM

Either the USB turntable or if your sound card has a suitable input then a standard turntable could be connected up. I've experienced both, and really what makes it successful is the software, e.g. the ability to set the record playing and have the software identify track breaks, clean up noise from dust/scratches etc. The software I used came with a creative sound card, so I don't have any recommendations beyond that, sorry.

However, once you have the collection ripped, it is possessing the piece of vinyl that is essentially giving you the licence for having the track in some digital format. If you sell/donate the records, then you may as well just illegally download the music, because you no longer own that which says you are allowed to listen to it. So I would suggest a box in the back of a cupboard/attic/etc., its also your backup if anything goes awry!

Good Questions: Transferring Vinyl to MP3
7/30/07 07:33 AM

If the scanner and printer are separate units, it could be worth considering some sort of wireless print server (some wifi routers serve as a print server as well) and stowing the printer somewhere out of the way altogether.

This is the solution I set up for my parents, so the printer, paper, spare ink, etc. are all in a neat unit sitting unobtrusively in another part of their house.

Of course the scanner isn't so easily dealt with. To be honest, I found I was using my flatbed scanner so infrequently, that I have it stored out of the way, and just take it out and connect it up on the desk when I need it. It's not the ideal for convenience, but does keep it from always occupying valuable desk space.

Good Questions: Where Should I Stow My Printer and Scanner?
7/27/07 07:49 AM

These have been around in my town for a while. In Dublin they particularly facilitate turning right (since we use the other side of the road).

They're all well and good in theory, unfortunately being front and centre of the traffic waiting to turn right wasn't so great in my experience when the car behind me drove straight into the back of poor bicycle when the light turned green. I was alright, shaken not stirred ... but my poor bike didn't get off so easily.

NEWS: Bike Boxes
6/20/07 07:41 AM

brobin, I was just about to say the same thing myself

Top 10: Writing Desks
6/7/07 07:50 AM

I use my xbox 360 for the media streaming as well ... although it is only from my laptop in one corner of my studio flat to the other - but it's still wireless.

I also use it for gaming, primarily online with my younger brothers who still live at home. In that way, rather than games sucking up all my time (which they are wont to do with the likes of GTA), its a good way of keeping in touch.

Survey: Do You Have a Gaming System?
4/26/07 08:13 AM