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Looks great! It might need to go once the little one is mobile (I have found that with most curious crawlers the first thing that mat is good for is disassembling and chewing on) but for now it's much more attractive to look at!

Before & After: Basic Foam to Fabulous Flooring

1/23/11 10:24 PM

Love this room, it's gorgeous!

Lydia & Sophia's Birdhouse Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #67

11/18/10 08:07 PM

Speaking as someone who just finished throwing a party that I thought looked pretty darn good in pictures - looking good is not at all about spending money. In fact almost everything that we had at the party was handmade and we did it that way on purpose to be budget friendly. The favors were all assembled from craft items from the dollar store and the food was homemade. So what makes you think that all the "picture perfect parties" are costing an arm and a leg? Maybe I spent a lot of time (which was time when my kids were asleep and husband was at work) but certainly not a lot of money. I just don't get this post, why make a generalization about the subject AND like KerriM said, why take a dig at your very own readers. Seems like a pretty poorly planned blog entry to me.

How Far Do You Go For A Fabulous Birthday Party Or Shower?
9/27/10 07:52 PM

wow, gorgeous!! Love the mural, it's amazing!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Henry's Vintage Travel Mural Small Kids, Big Color Entry # 13
11/2/09 01:12 PM