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Aaron...I appreciate effort, work, design and intellectual property but the goal (prize) is $20,000 worth of targeted advertising and at this price point this piece simply isn't marketable.

Assuming $1000 worth of materials (high estimate) and 40 hours (another high estimate) of work. This puts labor cost at $125/hour which is very expensive.

Apartment Therapy New York | Brix Console by Julie Morringello Design Showcase 2009
9/2/09 12:50 PM

the price point is ridiculous. one star--I appreciate the design but the price is too egregious to overlook.

Apartment Therapy New York | Brix Console by Julie Morringello Design Showcase 2009
9/2/09 11:14 AM

i live in southern ct and work, what i consider, not far from home. my wife is in the same situation. i was on my usual train ride home the other day and realized that combined we spend something like 29 days out of the year commuting---really 29 days! don't get me wrong, there are people out there with far worse commutes than the two of us (particularly the CT to NYC commuters) but as was mentioned in the article we are thinking about starting a family and after tallying up the time wasted in our lives on probably what we both consider to be the most unpleasant part of our day it's time to reconsider the ol' priorities here.

just venting, that's all. need to spend some time with 'Walden'.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Picking a Location Based on Your Commute?
8/21/09 09:41 AM

We also live in a somewhat noisy building and bought a 'Marpac' white noise machine from and it has made a world of difference. Falling asleep is much easier--a cheap and effective solution that mitigates jarring noises that would otherwise drive me to insanity.

Apartment Therapy New York | Sound Proofing an Apartment from Street Noise? Good Questions
8/4/09 09:32 AM

marpac sound screen/white noise...noisy neighbors be gone! it has greatly improved the quality of our sleep. couldn't survive without it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Sounds Do You Fall Asleep To?
6/9/09 10:08 AM

We live in Fairfield County, CT--more specifically Bridgeport, CT (CT's largest city and about a 70 minute commuter train ride north of Midtown Manhattan).

Bridgeport is a bit of an anomaly in Fairfield county and is certainly hardscrabble by comparison. That being said it is the only town in lower Fairfield County within reach of NYC that still remains affordable. To give you a comparison, in Bridgeport (in one of the nicer areas) you can get a 2-3 bedroom (nice) condo for around 200k. If you drive down the road less than 5 miles to the city of Fairfield the same size condo will run you about 250-300k more or even more if you get closer to the beach (not on the water) where an 1100 square foot home on 1/2 acre will run you upwards of 850k (most people buying these properties simply tear them down to make way for FAR maximizing monstrosities).

Although the towns are very different in their demographic makeup the differences in the end do not account for the drastic differences in pricing. For anyone looking to perhaps move out of the city but don't want to completely abandon the urban feel--Bridgeport could be a good option. In the end this city has the same problems as any large city and because of its juxtaposition to some of the wealthiest towns in America it gets a bad reputation. However, living here for a couple of years has shown us that if you can get past this, Bridgeport is a very interesting city with much to offer.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Question: What Do You Get For Your Money? Austin
5/13/09 12:09 PM

great resource for reclaimed hardwoods and forestry certified new sawn lumber. we have partnerships with many fine woodworkers in maine to design and build beautiful modern furniture to exacting specifications.

think BDDW at a reasonable price.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: SF Source for the Dream Table?
5/6/09 09:06 AM