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hooray tessa! congrats on a beautiful first post - delicious sounding cake and so pretty!!

Recipe: Rose, Orange, and Cardamom Mini Layer Cakes Recipes from The Kitchn
4/17/14 11:41 PM

aww! awesome round up carrie! i loved the snoopy snow cone maker - wish we still had ours so i could use it with my son. cabbage patch kids be damned though - i remember my "arianna" doll clonking me in the head with its hard plastic face!

i'm sure you know this but they re-did a bunch of classic fisher price toys, too - we have the milk wagon, the telephone, the camera and the mini piano! ^__^

Flashback: 10 Toys from Childhood You Can Still Buy
2/18/14 03:32 PM

aww... that is very sweet indeed...

Brother Meets Sister: A Sweet Shared Space My Room
2/4/13 01:33 PM

aww! that's great!!!

Party Favor Punch Wall Celebrate the Big & Small
2/4/13 01:33 PM

really cute... love the colour palette, too!

Best Kids' Parties: Fantastic Mr. Fox My Party
2/4/13 01:31 PM

so cute... omg so many ideas for my babys 1st birthday... ack! ovewhelming!

Party Inspiration: Fantastic Foxes
2/4/13 01:29 PM

Woohh that is awesome, sooo many blogs to check out and get eye-blinded by...! Great list of nominations! ^__^

Best Home Design & Inspiration Blog The Homies 2013
2/4/13 12:14 PM

great article... i'm new to this scene (5 month old baby boy) so i am anticipating the wild and crazy toy times... keeping on top of it in the beginning (or trying to at least) and donating and recycling seems great. makes total sense that less toys = more ... more imagination, less over stimulation... thanks for the post and the great links from tried and true artful mamas.

Taming Toys: A Fresh Start for 2013
2/2/13 07:27 PM

i had no idea those thingies were actually called "pigs"... i saw the cute turquoise one and thought they had named it salt pig... i'm in love!

10 Salt Containers Worth Your Salt Product Roundup
1/30/13 05:28 PM

thank you carrie!!!! ^__^

Inspiring Cakes & Cupcakes from Coco Cake
5/2/11 07:48 PM

yes! fantastic links. excited to try some of these. glad to have found hannah's blog through your site! ^__^

Vegan Ice Cream: 9 Tempting Dairy-Free Scoops
4/6/11 01:09 AM

so great! i would've loved this as a kid. can't wait til my nephew's old enough so i can buy it for him!

Ingredient: New Print Magazine for Young Cooks
1/11/11 07:51 PM

that is really adorable!!

Custom Baby Platte/Plaque by Spread the Love
1/7/11 12:01 PM

great post.

i am a proud auntie to three cuties with no kids of our own yet... when you have little ones in your life, you want them to have a good time at your place too! ^_^

Tips On Hosting Parties For Families With Children When You Don't Have Any
11/9/10 01:21 PM

MIND BLOWN. confused, yet curious. totally totally trying it.

@Sleek1, LOL! so funny. i think i'll try mine with vanilla! i guess it makes sense -- ice cream is cream, eggs, sugar... plus self rising flour that has (obviously) rising ingredients... mix 'er all up and it's like you made a little cake.

so great, so lazy, so weird! can't wait to try!

Look: Ice Cream Bread!
11/9/10 01:18 PM

thank you so much carrie for this great post! i've been fortunate to have people request some excellent cakes. hooray for literary types!

PS just a tiny note: the link to my ice cream blog is


xo Lyndsay

Cakes and Cupcakes Inspired by Books
Coco Cake

8/25/10 11:14 PM

WOH! it went from totally drab to super bright and highfashionmodern kitchenland! i like how from one side it looks totally minimalist but on the other side there is the functionality.

great huge island and love the floors too.

Before & After: A Small Boston Kitchen Goes Big

8/23/10 11:55 AM

i have a home business and so often forget to eat because i'm so busy... but i have been really trying to fix something to eat and sit at the kitchen or dining room table to eat it! though, i find it very satisfying sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table with my lunch plate on my lap too... :) (usually while watching the food network on tv!)

Where Do You Eat Lunch at Home?
8/23/10 11:50 AM

i love the idea of organizing by colour... ! so visually appealing...!

Organizing Books by Color
8/23/10 11:48 AM

adding scallops cuteifies anything!... that border is sooo cute. !!

Penelope's Pearl of a Room
Kids Room Tour

8/23/10 01:36 AM