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I think a grey would be nice, light-medium. If you like the color of the table and the furniture you have, then a neutral would probably be the best option.

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The Color Cure

8/17/11 08:50 AM

i love that vase that looks like a striped knee sock. killer!

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8/18/09 02:25 PM

the colors are nice. It's really stark though... I don't think I'd want to live there. It doesn't seem like anyone lives there... maybe some artwork would be nice :)

Very pretty though, just feels unfinished.

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7/23/09 11:55 AM

I do. i have a cat that loves to sleep curled up in the curtain sheers. I'm moving, so now I have to position the bed against the wall near the window, and buy long enough sheers so he can snuggle in and feel at home.

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6/22/09 02:59 PM

I found something by Dwell as well. It's charcoal and white, but I think it's pretty close:

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6/17/09 12:33 PM

colorful curtains would definitely help.
And maybe you can do something with your kitchen table/chairs... paint it a bright white and add some colorful placemats or a vase of flowers?

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6/15/09 10:32 AM

sky blue ceiling is a great idea. I love it :)
I'd also do white walls... even though I love color. You can dress it up with accessories, bedding, artwork, etc. Show us when you're done!

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6/3/09 11:32 AM

if you're afraid to go all dark, try doing an accent wall with the dark color. Let it be for a few days and see how you like the color. After that you can go ahead and decide whether you want all the walls to be dark.

The only problem with dark color in an already small apartment is that it makes it look smaller. I have a tiny room in which I painted one wall a sandscaped chocolate brown. The rest of the walls are a yellowish tan. It brings in the dark color I love without making the room look like a cave.

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6/2/09 03:42 PM

tequila red - I used to be the same way. I invested in a security system - security code/pad with screens on all the windows on the first floor. I was a little pricey to install (about $800) but now it's only about $20/month to pay for the service.

WELLLLL worth it, coming from a girl living alone on the first floor.

Other than that I dont really freak out. My brother on the other hand has made me drive him home from over 20 minutes away because of his fear that he left the candle burning.

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4/29/09 10:47 PM