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I agree with the dust issue, the tissues would both make and produce a lot of lint.

I use hankerchiefs a lot in the winter, since I'm cursed with a perpetual mild sniffle from October through April, but when I'm sick there's no substitute for regular Kleenex. You can still buy plain white linen ones at old-fashioned drugstores upstate.

Toro Tissue Ring
7/6/07 05:30 AM

In answer to Deborah's query about green shaving, I've recently switched to using old-fashioned shaving soap with a brush, and I've been quite happy with the results. You can find the brushes at shaving specialty stores, or on Amazon (mine was from a company called Porters). The good brushes can be expensive, but they last a long time, and the soap is cheap and long-lasting. I also bought a razor that uses a single standard industrial razor blade, which I use most mornings, except when I'm in a hurry (you do have to be more careful with these blades than with standard "safety" razors, and it takes two or three minutes longer to shave in the morning).

NYTimes: Is Green Consumerism Diabolically Stupid?
7/2/07 03:22 PM