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Tenderloin... of the pork variety of course. Little on the rare side mind you

Lots of fish eventually, but i'm just learning how to cook and am rather intimidated to cook fish anyway other then in a pouch.

Everything i know about cooking i learned from Alton Brown.... for whatever that's worth =)

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8/1/08 07:29 AM

I have the PUR faucet filter, but i'm thinking of jumping ship to the Brita party as the PUR filter slows considerably after about 3 weeks... then again, i do go through a lot of water.

As for the pitcher argument... I keep a 1 gallon jug of filtered water in the fridge for when i want cold water. Just fill it up from the faucet filter and leave in the fridge. Best of both worlds with no more clutter and I don't have to run ice cold water through my coffee machine (coffee comes out hotter with tap temp i find)

Best Product: Brita Faucet Mount Water Filter
7/9/07 02:06 PM