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These are awesome!!!

Choosing Wisely: Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Color Every Time
11/7/12 02:10 PM

I love alot of the ideas on this post. Definitely take down the trapezoid thing above the fire place if you can. It's definitely distracting. Love the idea of filling it the cubbies near the ceiling on either side of the firestack (possibly with wood paneling - something to match any wood found around the room?) I would make the shelves on either side wood and paint the shelves and wall to match the fireplace. I love the idea of doing the back of the shelf walls a different colour... like some of the suggested wallpaper on here, or a dark turquiose colour to keep the brightness from around the room (kind of like the couple from Young House Love have in their dining room) that way anything light colored or white would pop against it. The TV isn't too bad on the side. Or mounting it over the fire place with an art cover would be nice as well, like the ones found here: . Good luck with this, I'm sure anything you choose will look lovely.

Hivemind Designer: What Would You Do With This Wall?
1/25/12 03:03 PM

The only thing you really need to make this bathroom look not so stark is to add a little paint colour to the bottom part of the walls.. it would break up the white a bit.

Before, During & After: Small Bathroom Gut Renovation
3/8/11 05:00 PM

What!? you people don't like the blue... you must be joking, I love how it pops and shows the height. Agreed about the TV, and not a big fan of the grey for the rest of the wall. I would have either left that white or painted it blue as well. I think it makes a great feature wall... especially for a place in Turks and Cacos!
The forest wall is amazing. Would love to know how to do it.

Step-by-Step Painting Projects: Bring on the Blues
2/4/11 03:55 PM

I have to say that the fact that the landlord let us paint our place... we painted the master bedroom a soft yellow, and the living/dining room a medium grey with brown undertones (Called 730D-5 Village Square by Behr) It's so warm and inviting, especially with white or black items against it!!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Are Your Little Luxuries?
4/27/09 07:56 PM