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I appreciate the amount of creativity and technical design that went into these chairs, but the style is not my taste. Too modern and simple.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Janus Chair by Jang Yoon
7/27/09 07:01 PM

That piece of crap would never be a treasure.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Significant Objects by Rob Walker Joshua Glenn Can a Good Story Turn Trash into Treasure?
7/27/09 06:58 PM

Is that table cloth made from burlap? Looks beautiful against the vibrant flowers.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Choose Your Tablescapes from Sunday Suppers
7/27/09 06:54 PM

An ex-boyfriend of mine lived in a single family victorian built in 1898. The house featured secret stairways, servants quarters, and sky high ceilings. You could feel the history when walking inside. Such illustrious settings are not found in today's pre-fab homes.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Double Decker Kitchen Cabinets
5/7/09 07:05 PM

Let's see...I studied interior design at The New England School of Art and Design, my mother is an interior designer, and currently I blog about design. Oh..I'm also from Boston, and know a thing or two about it's rich design history. I included my mother's website so you get the feeling of the exposure I received.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Boston New England Blogger Search: Help Wanted!
4/27/09 07:25 PM

The shutter idea is genius. I also like the birdcage, but knowing me, my mail would never stay organized.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: DIY Mail Holders
4/27/09 07:16 PM