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I lived in Besancon in 1993/94 and ate my body weight in Comte. This takes me back!

Every Wheel of Comté Cheese Starts Here: The Cows of Jura, France Comté Cheese Tour
7/29/14 11:35 AM

Yes, exactly...

Jocelyn Scrapes Back Her Loft House Tour
7/23/14 10:23 AM

I love the annotations on the "before" pics -- they're funny AND they help show the things that most needed help. Kitchen looks so lovely, and your sweet hound looks very happy in it.

Before & After: Rachel's DIY Kitchen Renovation for $10,000 The Big Reveal
7/22/14 03:41 PM

I agree -- you don't see this kind of thread about other kitchen appliances...no one keeps track of how many years ago they junked their blender.

How I Replaced My Microwave Without Buying a New One
7/14/14 11:50 AM

Love it. Looks like it has friendly faces on it...

Before & After: A New Old Dresser
6/26/14 10:24 AM

Me too me too me too!! And at all hours. It must be a Swedish thing, the coffee all the time: same thing happens in Henning Mankell's books.

Coffee Around the World: How Swedes Drink Coffee Smart Coffee for Regular Joes
6/23/14 03:00 PM

I made oatmeal clafouti on the weekend and it was great. Love a recipe that lets you throw in whatever nuts you have around and any fruit (I sliced up some aging strawberries instead of apple). Nice treat for what I like to call Second Breakfast.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipe Review: Oatmeal Clafoutis
4/27/09 04:36 PM