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I would reupholser them in a solid aqua or leaf green. I would also add more white or ivory accessories to the table or shelves aka adler ( ) or zeisel ( ) and ( )

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Reupholster these Chairs?
2/15/08 07:40 AM

And by that I mean Chinese and other Asian imports. I really should proof before I send.

My parents have a set of china that my grandfather brought out of occupied japan.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess The Decade: Saarinen Sitting Room
2/8/08 04:27 PM

Chinese was a big influence in home decor after WWII see...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess The Decade: Saarinen Sitting Room
2/8/08 04:23 PM

Things are expensive, but they're great with returns (even someone bought it for you somewhere else) if they sell it, they'll take it back without a receipt for in-store credit. This makes them great for weddings when you always get 2 or 3 of the same thing.

A friend of mine got married last summer, and was moving across the country, so she registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, took all the shower and wedding gifts back and now has an impressive line of in-store credit. She just goes to BBB when she needs something for the house. Hasn't had to pay a dime yet.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Bed, Bath Beyond?
1/19/08 04:31 AM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! 16 Eames Stamps for 2008!
1/14/08 08:10 AM

The party's going to be like a funeral now.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blueprint AT: The January Jumpstart Project
12/11/07 11:24 AM

The types of reference books on the shelves definitely make me say not current day. And the photos on the wall say early film stills for me. Very Eames like, in modular design of the room, colors, wood styles, etc.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess The Decade: Home Office
12/11/07 06:52 AM

I think it would be great if there was also a shelf or buffet (instead of railing on the other side of the stairs. You could build it out about 5 or six inches past the pipe covering and incorporate shelves into the pipe covering. To keep with the mid-century aesthetic, I might replace the striped paneling with a single sheet of wood or veneer in a color that matches the other woods in your home.

However, if these pipes need to be accessible, make sure you build in a way that is, so that you don't end out ripping out your precious work when something bursts.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What to Do with Faux Wood Column?
11/20/07 10:12 AM

I have a question. Who painted that painting in the first picture on this post. I saw it in a fall color entry and fell in love with it. Where can I find it?

Apartment Therapy - How To: Restore Thrift Store Furniture
10/30/07 10:56 AM

good source for bottles and jars.

Apartment Therapy - Kitchen Keeping: Send Us Pictures Of Your Dish Soap
9/29/07 08:01 PM

here's my example of the fusing plastic bags...

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Recycling Plastic Bags?
9/18/07 03:16 PM

The most favorite jam I've ever made was peach pit jelly. You literally boil the peach pits for flavor and then add in sugar and gelatin. It's absolutely wonderful.

Apartment Therapy - The Jam Report: We Love Jam's Apricot Jam
9/18/07 12:32 PM

I don't have any. Well, one champagne flute from our wedding, the other broke. I don't really have space for any either. We pretty much stick to only drinking wine when eating out or at someone else's house.

It's not that I wouldn't mind a set (one set) but I just wouldn't know which type could sort of cover all the bases.

Apartment Therapy - How Many Sets of Wine Glasses Do You Own?
9/18/07 12:30 PM

my pampered chef plastic scraper
which somehow I lost in the move and I can't survive without it.

Apartment Therapy - Kitchen Keeping: Favorite Cleaning Product
9/17/07 09:47 AM

i do believe we have the exact same bathroom tiling.

Apartment Therapy - Inside Out: Charlie Brown's Small Conceptual Piece
9/12/07 10:49 AM

I packed his lunch this morning but he forgot it. So I ate it instead.

Steak Chili and romaine salad with feta cheese.

Apartment Therapy - Brown Bag Meals: What Did You Pack For Lunch?
9/12/07 08:50 AM

I pack my husbands lunch in the morning it's usually leftovers from the night before or if we've eaten it all it's a sandwich and soup. I work from home, so no need to pack it, I just make a quick sandwich at lunchtime. A couple of weeks ago I made him this fused plastic lunch bag to take his lunch in.

He was fond of taking it in plastic grocery bags, so I made him a reuseable one out of the grocery bags.

Apartment Therapy - Brown Bag Meals: Pack Your Lunch Tomorrow
9/11/07 12:39 PM

1. Jessi
2. Iron Vines in midnite and tomato, chandelier in black
3. Because, right now there's a cheap basketball hoop on the wall (it was hung when I wasn't looking), the radiator cover could use some disguising and the whole room just needs a little more elegance.

And because I could do this with that...

Apartment Therapy - blik This Wall Giveaway Contest!
9/6/07 03:48 PM

When I was younger my parents had friends who owned an upholstery store. They had all these books of wallpaper samples and they would give the out-of-date books to us. We made mini book covers, wallpapered our doll houses, made outfits for our paper dolls, paper sculptures, collages, you name it, we were creative with it. In high school, I wallpapered the inside of my locker using removable adhesive.

Now if only we would have had digital cameras back then, alas, it only lives on in memory.

Apartment Therapy - Wednesday Giveaway: Florence Broadhurst
9/6/07 02:20 PM

I bought our current TV for my husband as a birthday gift when we were dating. So it's "his" TV and he claims since it's his TV, he gets to watch football over me watching Design Star and Clean Sweep.

If you give us this TV it will be "mine" and I can finally watch TV about design and healthy living!

Apartment Therapy - Home Tech Giveaway: Insignia 37"LCD HDTV
9/6/07 02:12 PM