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Right? I literally cringed when I read that sentence about "the Mission, San Fran's hippest neighborhood." Ugh indeed.

How Dandelion Makes Their Chocolate in San Francisco Maker Tour
1/25/14 08:32 PM


These sandwiches look great in and of themselves. No need to qualify them by saying a meat and cheese lover likes them. Not to mention the crack about "typical dainty veggie fare" or whatever makes the writer sound like they haven't eaten vegan food prepared in the last 10 or more years. BBQ tempeh is awesome, but it's hardly a crazy new revolution in vegan sandwiches.

That said, these really do look great, and I've already planned to make the chickpea salad ones tomorrow!

7 Hearty Vegan Sandwiches That Don't Mess Around
1/2/14 11:50 PM

Well, the thing about energy bars is that they're formulated to give you, uh, energy - primarily immediately-available energy for endurance sports. When I am doing a 3 or 4 hour workout on my bike, I NEED that sugar in those bars. the problem is when people eat them as snacks without being active. All that is to say that they're not unhealthy so much as they're largely misused.

5 Foods That Aren't As Healthy As You Probably Think
2/28/13 05:55 PM

Bars like this are designed for endurance athletes who need compact, high-calorie, easily-digestible fuel. They're not health food. They're workout food.

How to Make Easy 3-Ingredient Energy Bars at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/26/13 02:58 PM

I made vegan pizza and cookies for my boyfriend, who is visiting from out of town. We shared a couple of beers. It was, if I do say so myself, perfect.

How Did Thanksgiving Go for You? Share Your Thanksgiving Dinner Reports!
11/23/12 09:58 AM

Amy E's Bakery!

Looking For the Very Best Toffee in the Country! Year 3
11/17/12 04:31 PM

Any suggestions for those of us who have more than one bike? I have 3 (1 for mountain biking, 1 for cyclocross, and 1 for road riding), and I'm considering just installing bike hooks on a section of wall to hang them from, but I'd love to hear other suggestions...

Park It: Small Space Bike Storage Solutions
9/8/12 09:57 AM

I use a coconut-based creamer at home, but at coffeehouses, I'll try to use almond milk (or coconut "beverage") if it's available. Otherwise, I just stir frequently and suck it up, since I don't usually have the option of adding the soy first when I'm ordering at a coffee counter.

Food Science: Why Does Soy Milk Curdle In Hot Coffee?
6/6/11 10:33 AM

Another vote for beans on toast! I like baked beans (maple = delicious) on sprouted wheat toast.

Looking for Vegan Breakfasts with Beans
Good Questions

4/5/11 11:06 AM

I've been meat free for 15 years and vegan for 8 of those. I find the best thing to do is simply tell people, "I'm vegan." Some people will react to this badly, but if there mere fact of me stating that I'm vegan feels threatening to them, frankly, it's not my problem.

I actually wrote a blog about this kind of stuff too (sorry - I'm not spamming, it's really relevant to the question!):

It's about vegan stuff, but applies pretty well to vegetarianism too.

What Is the Best Way To Tell People I'm Now a Vegetarian?
Good Questions

2/9/11 11:51 AM

Tried this last night, and both my husband and I loved it! I predict a spike in my meyer lemon (and whiskey) consumption in the future!

Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour: A Sunny Drink for Winter
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

1/17/11 11:46 AM

I'm a vegan who is sicksicksick of the false dichotomy presented by the anti-soy set. Not that this article is necessarily in that camp, but whenever I hear words like "I also started learning about the environmental impact of soy, which is associated with Amazon deforestation, heavy pesticide use, and genetic modification," I can't help but roll my eyes.

Sure, there are lots of industrial, GMO, deforesting, crappy sources of soybeans, but 1) those are often being used to feed livestock, which are then eaten by people, which means that far more soy is consumed feeding food animals than would be consumed if people just ate the soy directly, and 2) there are plenty of non-GMO, local (or local-ish, depending on where you live), organic, sustainable soy growers out there. If a person is concerned about the environmental impact of their eating, they should absolutely look into where their food is coming from and do their best to eat locally, and low on the food chain, but that doesn't necessarily mean cutting out all soy products.

On Eating Less Tofu (and Other Soy Products)
1/15/11 12:56 PM

Add my voice to the chorus of people saying you picked bad cheezes to test!

Follow Your Heart brand (the mozza that you tried) is actually pretty good... once you've been vegan for a while and forgotten what real cheese tastes like. That rice stuff is practically inedible.

My favorite, taste-wise, is definitely Cheezly (from Redwood Foods in the UK). My husband and I use Daiya fairly regularly, since it's cheap and pretty decent. Doctor Cow's aged nut cheezes (heh) are nice for eating with crackers or fruit, but they're expensive, so they're an occasional indulgence only. Scheese is another contender.

Also, it's ironic, but I think a dairy cheese expert might be one of the worst people to write about vegan cheeze, since I imagine you'd be comparing it to the dairy cheeses you know and love. The thing about vegan cheeze is that it's all about letting go of/not being able to remember what "normal" cheese is like.

Vegan Cheese: A Cheesemonger's Report
The Cheesemonger

1/13/11 12:04 AM

Kind of a weird choice for Vegan Week...

Book Review: The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball
1/10/11 11:26 AM

I use a chemex only. It's more aesthetically pleasing sitting on my counter than a drip machine, and since I usually only have time for one cup of coffee in the morning, it doesn't involve much extra time or effort beyond what a drip machine would require. I still enjoy drip coffee but for my at-home coffee consumption, it doesn't make sense.

Coffee At Home: Is Giving Up the Drip Machine Worth It?
12/4/10 02:41 PM

Vegan or not, Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan Brunch is full of really, really great recipes. I've been hearing tell of people modifying her hollandaise sauce recipe by adding pureed butternut squash and a pinch of sage for an autumny feel...

Menu Ideas for an Autumn Vegetarian Brunch?
Good Questions

11/16/10 11:25 AM

Foie gras macarons? Seriously?

That is so gross on every level. Macarons are supposed to be cute and lovely, not filled with force fed goose organs.

That tart, on the other hand, looks lovely!

Croque Monsieur and Foie Gras Macarons
Delicious links for 9.28.10

9/28/10 01:18 PM

Hodo is awesome! I buy their spicy yuba (tofu skin) strips all the time - I can't get enough!
Rainbow Co-op in San Francisco just started carrying their full range of products, including all their varieties of tofu and prepared tofu dishes and their soymilk. Yum!

Tofu Tour: Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, California
9/25/10 07:18 PM

I loved having miso for breakfast when I was in Japan. I've never been able to make a good at-home miso soup that tastes like the ones I'd get in restaurants, but this post has inspired me to try again. Maybe with veggie broth instead of water...

Comfort Food: Miso Soup for Breakfast
9/22/10 11:43 AM

This stuff is something of a vegan fetish item, and hot damn is it delicious! I hope the US versions are similarly vegan, so my friends and I can order a crate!

Viva Spekuloos!

Food Truck Fare at Home: Speculoos Spread
9/21/10 12:11 PM