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There are all kinds of things to learn and do at the grocery store. Children really don't need to watch TV every hour of every day.

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10/1/07 08:56 AM

It's disgusting. Just gross. Why would anyone do this?

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8/22/07 12:46 PM

Vinegar's not my main cleaning product but I use it for a lot of things. It deodorizes well and gets starch stains off my stainless steel pots and pans better than anything. I also use it diluted with water to clean my counters.

The vinegar smell only lasts an hour or so tops. Less than chemical cleaners.

How To: Clean With Vinegar
7/10/07 08:20 AM

Fuzzy, I was thinking the same thing.

Poll: Do You Salt Your Watermelon?
7/2/07 11:40 AM

Linseed Oil would create a nice but natural looking finish. It gives you a shine and accents the grain with out the hard, glossy look of varnish. I think it also helps protect the wood from bugs.

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6/26/07 09:30 AM