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I live in Ballard and frequent Annie's Art and Frame shop which is where these posters are being sold. It's a fantastic shop with a great deal of well designed gifts, cards, local artist posters, and more. It is also VERY kid friendly, which is rare as most shops like that are not. They even have a table with toys and books for kids to play at while the parents are browsing or getting custom frame work done. These posters stopped me and my family in our tracks the other day. They are just stunning!

Whimsical Wildlife: Charley Harper Posters
7/26/11 10:01 PM

"Re-usies" is a brand made in Seattle that are pretty great for reusable, velcro sandwich bags and snack bags. There are also "wrap mats" for sandwiches.

Lunch Food Packaging That Is Easy to Open
Good Questions

7/18/11 11:07 PM

We're HUGE fans of the They Might Be Giants albums for kids. I'm not a huge fan of them for me but their kids albums (especially "Here Comes Science" and "Here Come the 1,2,3's") have been on permanent play in the CD player for 2+ years. We also just dove into Casper Babypants (someone mentioned above that the lead singer is from The Presidents of the USA - big 90's band) and my son knows every song by heart. The videos are super sweet, mellow, and rated the G-est of G. He also loves really any music we play around him from Cee Lo to The Decemberists & Death Cab, from Simon and Garfunkel to The Cure, & The White Stripes to Stevie Wonder. He listens to tons of newer bands as my husband write for an indie music blog here in Seattle. The Beatles, of course. And his two favorite songs these days are "Whale" by Yellow Ostrich and "Bicycle Race" by Queen. Of course, musicals are always great for toddlers!

Ohdeedads: Let's Talk About Kids' Music
6/29/11 01:11 AM

My question is, how do the terrariums in the clear glass not get moldy? My problem with things like this is always mold.

Out of the Planter Box: Inspiring Ideas for Indoor Gardens
5/20/11 11:06 PM

Wow. I wish I knew how to erase my above post. My comment was found, I just found it on a different post then I was looking for! However, I will stick with what I said just above but put it on other blogs that I have seen erase comments that seems very unoffensive. I'm glad AT isn't doing that! (oy. I need sleep)

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Leaving a Jerky Comment
Etiquette, Manners and Just Being a Good Person

5/18/11 12:26 AM

Ooops! I didn't realize that this was a "part two". Ignore my question! I'm an exhausted full time mother/teacher, part time sleeper!

The Number One Item Readers Thought They Needed But Didn't
5/18/11 12:23 AM

Is this why the comments on the "what you didn't need/couldn't live without" comments were edited? I posted something yesterday that I thought was pretty innocuous and it isn't there anymore. Did I offend with a question about why people didn't use cribs? I totally agree with what you are saying in this post but I hope that some of the non-hurtful, curious questions and comments aren't getting edited out. Where does the editing stop in public forums?

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Leaving a Jerky Comment
Etiquette, Manners and Just Being a Good Person

5/18/11 12:16 AM

LOVED my rocker (it was from when I was a kid) and the bumbo and the jumperoo and the Ergo and our dresser as changing table and the exersaucer and the swaddle blankets- did not love Sophie the giraffe, the microwavable bottle sanitizer, the Moby wrap (no back support), and don't see the need for all those crazy "warmers", and certainly didn't need all the clothes we have!
Also, what happened to all of the comments from yesterday?

The Number One Item Readers Thought They Needed But Didn't
5/18/11 12:10 AM

Could have lived without:
Microwave Bottle Sanitizer (with no dishwasher we thought we needed it but really, isn't boiling enough?)
Sophie the Giraffe (overpriced piece of rubber that my son wasn't interested in but everyone said you HAVE to have it!)
Moby wrap (so uncomfortable!)
Fancy bouncy chair (we got the designer one as a gift and we LOVED how it looked but only used the cheap, ugly one that vibrated)
Could NOT have lived without:
My rocking chair (it was from when I was a baby)
Bumbo chair/bouncy seat/exersaucer
Ergo carrier (great back support)
The crib (what is everyone who says they don't use a crib actually using? Are all of your kids sleeping with you for the first two years? Just curious)
Waterproof liner bibs and cloth diaper burp cloths

What Did You Think You Couldn't Live Without...But Can?
5/17/11 12:06 AM

I liked my Skip Hop Duo bag but found it was bulky and I could never close it. I think the taller bag would be better (not the messenger style). Now I carry a Fossil brand shoulder bag that I got at Macy's. It's cloth but covered with water resistant material on the outside (great for the Seattle weather) and they have a bunch of interior pockets. They aren't cheap but Macy's is always having sales and if you get their free credit card you get huge coupons monthly. I got mine for $30 and it retailed for $68!

Also, it's nice not to have a specific diaper bag to carry. They also make messenger style bags as well.

An Affordable Boxy Diaper Bag for a Petite Mom
Good Questions

3/27/11 12:57 PM

Our son (almost 3) either keeps his feet up or pushes it himself no problem. It's been great.

Ideas for Hacking the Trunki
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2/28/11 11:30 PM

We got this toothbrush holder in white for our bathroom. Our son LOVES it, and so does everyone who comes over. It can suction to a mirror or tiles, or be hung with a nail. It's very sturdy and super fun!

Antler Adoration

1/14/11 12:36 PM

I worked at a gift store/gallery in Seattle about 8 years ago that sold the reprints. I bought one b/c I thought it was pretty damn cute. My 2.5 year old loves the puppy one. It really makes him giggle. And yes, they are sad too in their's own way but that is assuming the animals were miserable. My dog happens to be one of those that never notices the tiny trains on her back while she is resting on her bench, or walks around happily with a silly hat on her head around the house, so I associate it more with mellow animals rather then abuse. I understand what you are saying above but...

Spotlight On: Harry Whittier Frees
9/1/10 12:16 AM

I also love these posters by Seattle artist Amber Calo and Rick Goral at Seattle Show Posters.

10 Feel-Good Prints and Posters
8/20/10 05:48 PM

Oops! the link didn't work. Here it is again.
Milano Bag, Vertical Messenger

Seeking Handbag/Diaper Bag HybridGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/3/10 06:03 PM

I bought this bag at the Seattle Olympic Sculpture park's gift shop a few years back and used it a bunch before I had a baby. I got all into finding "the right diaper bag"and bought a Skip Hop bag and a OiOi bag and just haven't been happy with anything. I went back to this Milano bag a few weeks ago and I really think there is nothing better. My son is 2 and it holds a change of clothes, some toys, diaper things, my enormous wallet, a small bag of essentials for me and I fill the pockets with snacks and tissues and all sorts of things. It obviously fits a ton, and it's CHEAP!

Seeking Handbag/Diaper Bag HybridGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/3/10 06:03 PM

I can't get my husband to even consider doing this in our super dark living room without him seeing visuals of how to disguise the cords. HELP US, Apartment Therapy!

Roundup: Pendant Lamps Without Hard Wiring | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/18/09 11:43 PM

My son had pretty bad reflux and the Seattle Children's Hospital gave is a huge foam wedge with a seat and a double strap. We put that in his crib and he slept on it for about 7 months. I fashioned a sheet around it (cut holes in a crib sheet) and although it was ugly, it was covered by insurance and worked very well. No need for the $130 one! If you child really needs one won't the hospital provide one, or were we just lucky?

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Nap Nanny
9/15/09 09:24 PM

Knowing Kate (as I do) this is just one more of her fantastically fun ideas. She executes everything beautifully and isn't afraid of experimentation. She's inspiring. You should check out her site!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before After: Chalkboard Table
8/28/09 12:25 AM

The link shows the collage book as being $60 while the very cool scrapbook is only $4.99...or is my broswer doig funny things?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Eric Carle's You Can Make a Collage#
4/28/09 11:42 AM