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I salute your homebuilder spirit!

Robin's Gorgeously Green Artist Barn
House Tour

8/18/10 10:57 AM

I've made blinds using the martha stewart instructions, which I think are some of the clearest on the web. I thought they looked good- I made it so that the bottom edge tapered to a point and added a tassel. My only thing would be to make sure that all the batten pockets are parallel before sewing. All that work just to mess up on the last step and have to restitch.

Make Your Own Roman Shades
Martha Stewart

8/10/10 06:19 PM

These ARE all so beautiful.

The Most Beautiful Cleaning Supplies Tools | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/21/10 12:37 PM

My favorite part of your apartment is how you manage to have a lot of furniture- a console, 4 chairs, piana- yet it still looks contained and neat. That is a good thing in any space. Nice!

Lauren's First Solo Flight House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/17/10 10:33 PM