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We hung a giant wallmap (it came in sections) with staples, double sided tape, and trim, see details here and thanks @Lilszeto for the link to that old post!

Ideas for Hanging or Framing a Very Large Map?
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3/31/14 06:36 PM

Huge congrats to Holly - a much deserved award to this talented and inspiring lady!

Apartment Therapy's Homies 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Decor 8! The Homies 2014
2/28/14 12:37 PM

Absolutely gorgeous! We did a similar stain and paint treatment 2 years ago and have had no scuffing issues (like mentioned above) and we love the dark stain on the treads, very dramatic and timeless too. Yes, the dark stain shows dust faster than medium or light stained steps but a quick wipe once a week with a Swiffer style cloth does the trick. Stunning look, bravo!

Before & After: Christine's Edwardian Staircase Restoration
3/15/13 12:26 PM

Thank you for the nomination however the link is incorrect - the URL for Centsational Girl is www.CentsationalGirl.com - thanks for making the correction!

Best Home Project & DIY Blog The Homies 2013
2/1/13 03:56 PM

Thanks so much for the feature AT, I love tree skirts but also creative containers like barrels, urns, and planters too, anything goes these days!

DIY or Buy: Christmas Tree Skirts
11/29/12 10:09 PM

You can use Brasso or a natural remedy and if that doesn't work, there are two "faux" options here: http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2012/02/brass-hardware-polishing-and-faking-it/

How To Spruce Up the Handles on Vintage Dresser? Good Questions
11/26/12 11:48 AM

Fabulous post, I felt like I was there! I've got that experience on my Bucket List, your tips are so helpful, fantastic rug and what a great story to go with it!
- Kate

That Time I Bought a Kilim in Istanbul's Grand Market
9/11/12 12:55 PM

Hey thanks Jraposa and AveryMcKenzie for the links! Yes, you can paint laminate, I've done it many times. You need a good bonding primer that adheres to glossy surfaces, Zinsser's Cover Stain is my favorite, it comes in spray or brush/roll on formulas. I recommend a disposable foam roller for application if using the quart/gallon product. After that, coat with your latex or enamel paint of choice. Annie Sloan Chalk paint is also great, no priming, you can even paint indoors, but it is more expensive an comes in limited colors. Either method works!!

Best Way To Paint Ikea BORGSJO Cabinet? Good Questions
9/5/12 06:17 PM

Fantastic list Nate, putting Patmos on my list for sure!!

10 Questions: Nate Berkus Summer Style Survey
8/21/12 03:42 PM

Those shelves pictured from BH&G are not Vittsjos, they're from Room & Board I believe.
Thanks Gilliane for linking to my project! I also did a follow up post on several variations of Vittsjo the next day if anyone's interested: http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2012/07/versatile-vittsjo-more-ikea-hack-ideas/
The Vittsjos can give you the same look for less - they do have glass shelves - I removed them after assembling our Vittsjo shelves and spray painted them with a few cans of RustOleum spray paint. We replaces ours with wood shelves but the glass will look great with the shelving spray painted any color you like. A great way to add color without committing to painting your walls.
~ Kate

DIY Idea: Brighten Up Ikea Shelves Better Homes and Gardens
8/17/12 01:01 AM

Beautiful roundup Kim, I so agree with you! Thanks for the feature!

Design & Display Inspired By: Ferns
5/7/12 05:56 PM

Hey AcrossthePond, shims are used to stabilized cabinets and countertops when floors or walls are uneven, they're tapered to allow installers to make minor adjustments so surfaces are level or to fill gaps too - they're found in the lumber department at home improvement stores. And thanks so much ElaneB!!

DIY Wood Shim Window Box Centsational Girl
4/30/12 03:46 PM

Wow thanks so much for the feature AT! We built that space for entertaining and used it all summer long, our friends loved hanging out in it too, plus it provided a much needed shade structure that we didn't have before. We're about to put it back up again, not that the rains have stopped, thanks again for the feature AT!

Before & After: Bare Patio Turned Luxurious Cabana Centsational Girl
4/26/12 02:22 PM

One of my favorite stops every time I visit NYC, bought some Empoli glasses there years ago, always inspiring!

The End of History
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3/23/12 02:41 PM

Wow, I am just so thrilled to be here, to be nominated, and to be a finalist. This is such an honor for me, thank you to all the kind people who voted for CG - and I know I speak for many when I say thank you Apartment Therapy for introducing all of us to some pretty amazing blogs - it's a fantastic community out there - you all inspire us so much.
Best of luck to all the finalists,

DIY Blog Finals
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3/3/12 11:20 AM

Wow, I am just so thrilled to be here, to be nominated, and to be a finalist, truly such an amazing thing to witness, thank you thank you to all the kind people who voted for CG - and thank you Apartment Therapy for introducing all of us to some pretty amazing blogs.

Home Design Blog Finals
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3/3/12 11:18 AM

Yes you absolutely can paint over laminate, I've done it several times, the key is using the right primer, I highly recommend Zinsser Cover Stain - it's oil based but clings extremely well to laminate surfaces.

Can I Paint Over Laminate Cabinetry?
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2/27/12 11:35 AM

Excellent article Sarah and a great reminder when a project is not your cup of tea, there's still always a takeaway, well said!

5 Things to Take Away From Any DIY Project Post (Even If You Don't Love It)
2/7/12 02:08 PM

Hello Mrs. Mouse, great idea! From what I could find, the Billy extensions don't come in the 15" depth yet, but if/when they do, I'm already thinking that extra height will look great!

Build-In Your Billys for an Inexpensive & Custom Look
Centsational Girl

11/1/11 06:57 PM

Thanks Sarah, I appreciate the shout out! Now off to style them so they look fabulous!

Build-In Your Billys for an Inexpensive & Custom Look
Centsational Girl

11/1/11 04:54 PM