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Okay, just seeing this posting now...but ran my walk score and got a 57 out of 100??? I live in Santa Monica 4 blocks from the beach and a local park overlooking the pacific and a few blocks from Montana shops and right near the Santa Monica stairs! This makes no sense, people come into our area to walk and jog all the time. Any time of the day there are people walking to shops or walking their dogs. We bought our place because of how walkable it is. According to Gregory's list, we should have a high number, based on those criteria. If a place like our scores low yet Loz Feliz scores high (which I used to live there for many years) then this makes me think this site is not correct at all, both places are equally walkable.

Your Neighborhoods Walk Score | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/12/10 06:54 PM

I have to agree with rosy and I too normally do not post to this.

Your home is where you live and why shouldn't you have friends and family over? I think if people are so sensitive to noise or their neighbors having friends over then perhaps apartment life or city life just isn't for you.

I for one decided to live in the city and welcome the sounds of neighbors children playing outside and my neighbors having friends over. I am a little tired of people deciding to live in such close proximity to others and then complaining about everything. For example, I had a neighbor, who thankfully no longer lives near us, who would not only complain about dinner party noise (at 8pm on a Friday) but the smell of food cooking. So everyone in our building is not supposed to cook at home because one person has issues? I don't think so and for the record , I wasn't the one cooking when the complaint came in :)

That being said one should still try to be nice and not go overboard, but walking around your own apartment (the noisy neighbor post has comment after comment of people complaining about people walking too much in their own apartment, don't live on the 1st floor people!!) having a dog bark when someone is knocking at the door, friends over, children playing and even infants crying in the night are all part of normal everyday living and come with living close to other people.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Noisy Neighbors and Outdoor Spaces Austin
6/16/09 06:14 PM