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Salty ocean air is my all time favorite, followed closely by the smell of summer turning into fall (it has a smell, I swear!).

I also love the smell of onions and garlic being sauteed in butter. Even as a kid, when my mom would be cooking I'd wander in the kitchen every single time.

The Smell of Home: The Science of Scent
11/11/10 12:10 PM

More Importantly,

I'm trying to find a bed just like that but all the one's I've come across have REALLY tall head and foot boards, which I'm not a fan of.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalist - Rachel's Grad School Getaway
5/13/09 12:53 PM

I am absolutely in love with the kitchen table chairs and the quest bed! Please tell me that they can be located and aren't just one-of-a-kind market finds!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Kathleen Chet's Antique Market Style Chicago
5/11/09 02:01 PM