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hmmm. frustrating. i suppose you could try to get them to think of another creative solution for you (anchoring in the middle, etc.)... you could also try they do a lot of huge theatrical curtains, and they might be able to help you come up with a solution that isn't too billowy or overwhelming, maybe using a hospital track up at the top.

good luck - and please do let us know what you come up with! i'm veeeery sympathetic because i spent a whole lot of time brainstorming about the same problem.

Good Questions: What Should We Replace These Ugly Blinds With?
7/24/07 01:06 PM

hey AMS - iiinteresting. my windows are 74" x 144" (so, not actually 15', but close!) and it wasn't a problem. maybe they've become more restrictive since last november? when i called, i basically asked if they had any products at all that would work for windows of that size. i ended up with solar shades (5% open) in gray. other than the massive headache involved with hanging them (mostly because we needed to find a ladder that tall), they've been terrific.

what'd they tell you when you spoke with them?

Good Questions: What Should We Replace These Ugly Blinds With?
7/24/07 12:17 PM

people may also want to check out the marshall's on flatbush in brooklyn (near the target) - i bought an absolutely huge boos block island there for about $350, and i see them there all the time.

Best Products: John Boos Cucina D'Amico Butcher Block
7/24/07 10:24 AM

re: the shade store. i also have 15' windows in my loft, and they made me solar shades without a problem last winter. give them a call - they can go longer than 120".

Good Questions: What Should We Replace These Ugly Blinds With?
7/24/07 10:23 AM

i've ordered from them, and they were absolutely terrific. i had an unusual application in mind (i wanted them as actual curtains, for really huge windows in my loft), and they couldn't have been more personal and helpful. the product is nice too!

Mosquito Curtains
7/24/07 10:21 AM

i've ordered from the shade store twice, and have been very very pleased with the speed and quality. in fact, the speed was almost shocking - the two absolutely enormous solar shades (like, 12 feet high) i ordered arrived maybe 3-4 days after i ordered them.

i can also recommend the panel system, which i've used to cover my closets. i think the price is a little better than smith & noble, and the fabric choices are generally more modern.

The Shade Store
5/29/07 01:49 PM

I think you handled your kitchen situation beautifully, and I always like to see places in my very own nabe! Second all the votes above for some artwork above the couch. Would generally love to know how you manage such an uncluttered life... perhaps because you don't have as many shoes as i do?

#39 - New York Guy's Serene Oasis
5/4/07 11:01 AM

This isn't that helpful - but I can commiserate. I have to say that the veneer situation isn't much to my liking either. It seems like you're paying for the design, and certainly not the materials... I can't help but feel like I'm being ripped off (i.e., those dining chairs that sell for many hundreds that are, i don't know, molded plastic or something).

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4/4/07 12:50 PM

i think that margarine lamb is about the cutest thing i've ever seen. had i been enterprising enough, maybe i'd have made one for our passover seder this past monday (if i could figure out how to do it, of course)... not really sure how it would fit in with the holiday, but considering we used an elvis mug as elijah's cup, i'm guessing the family's up for some unconventional goodness.

A Butter Lamb for Easter
4/4/07 07:22 AM

I too have been dishwashering my wooden spoons for years... though I can see how it might not be ideal for really good quality wood (i.e., anything you care about), it seems to be okay for the cheapee spoons I buy.

Perhaps there's a concern that the wood absorbs a lot of water in the dishwasher and then becomes a germ magnet?

Kitchen Tools: Wooden Spoons
3/28/07 07:19 AM