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I second the Marin Headlands recommendation -- so close to SF but feels like a true escape! Same with Mt Tam. Picnicking in the City is one of my very favorite easy SF-based escapes. We've watched the sunset from the Fort Mason park/green while sipping some champagne or we'll go to BiRite or get a pizza to go from Pizzeria Delfina and take it to Dolores Park (assuming the park isn't totally packed). I also love the arboretum (now called the botanical garden) in Golden Gate Park -- you can be surrounded by redwoods or in flowers or in a big grassy field, all without leaving the City (and if you get hungry, Arizmendi is nearby).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Are Your Bay Area Escapes?
8/28/08 03:44 PM

People are loud in the Castro, thanks (I assume) to the lively bar scene. Our neighbors play club music as if they are living in a dance club. I also have never overheard such violent arguments as I have in the Castro. We've had to call the police before. I also once lived on 14th st between Dolores and Guerrero where the homeless ride their can and bottle filled shopping carts down the hill and fire trucks, sirens blaring, use it as a main thoroughfare.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | San Francisco Noise Map
6/25/08 10:16 AM

The Zuni cookbook is the best cookbook I own. Great recipes and a great reference. My very favorite recipe so far is her pasta carbonara recipe -- so easy and SO good. Although we've modified it somewhat, her polenta recipe turns out the best polenta I've ever made. I've also tried the asparagus, rice and pancetta soup which in asparagus-season is a quick, easy dinner option, the roast chicken and bread salad, the chicken bouillabaise, a lentil soup, her risotto and a few other pastas. (Can you tell I love this cookbook?!)

Book Review: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook
6/25/07 10:18 AM