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Do you happen to know the maker of this dresser? I had the matching high boy that I refinished and was wondering if it was American of Martinsville or Bassett or? Thanks!

Before & After: A Sideboard Gets Diagonal Color for a Dining Room!
7/6/14 02:46 PM

I agree. No registries for second babies. First baby registries are even a tacky.

4 Ways To Expand Even the Tiniest Budget for a New Nursery
5/12/14 04:06 PM

Wow, I am just speechless over this apartment.
I love your bathroom the most, probably. Then the dining booth. You are a very talented craftsman--that table, geez!!
The tie quilt is to die for.
If I were single, I would definitely try to date you and move in there some day :P

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
4/2/14 08:20 PM

You did SUCH a great job with this apartment. I love it.

Jackie's Colorful Upper East Side Home House Tour
4/2/14 08:04 PM

Very cute. I'm usually against painting furniture, but 80s/90s furniture is so sad and this upgrade looks great.

Before & After: Wendy's Armoire Makeover
10/2/13 12:25 PM

The shelves look like Lack Ikea.

This baby's room is lovely. I don't agree that it is not traditional though. With the dawn of Pinterest, rooms like this are the new norm. I haven't seen 'Barbie' or 'princess' themed rooms in a decade.

Sienna's Graphic Girly Nursery Nursery Tour
9/8/13 12:16 PM

Hmmm. Saw this on Flea Market Flip more than once and it made me cringe.
Looks like a high-quality job, but the chairs looked great before. Why do this?

Before & After: Emily's Crafty Chair Project
9/8/13 12:02 PM


Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 09:52 PM

This is great. I wouldn't change a thing. We're renting, too, and embraced our pink and green tiles in the same way. I especially like both bedrooms. The monkey thing kind of freaks me out, but I couldn't stop look @ it.

These two are adorable! And look so happy.

Alexis & Ian’s Designer Pad House Tour
4/3/13 12:13 PM

Excellent! I just got back from NOLA and now am obsessed with fleur di lis.

Benjamin's Dressed Up Fridge Renters Solutions
3/29/13 09:02 PM

*I mean I have

In Search of the Perfect Family Coffee Table
3/29/13 08:12 PM

I hate a George Nelson for HM white laminate top coffee table with chrome legs. I have no children. The person I bought it from did and her kiddies fit chairs underneath it for coloring. It wipes clean from permanent markers with a magic eraser!

In Search of the Perfect Family Coffee Table
3/29/13 08:11 PM

Life-long Chicagoan here. Yep! Chicago sucks. Its corrupt, has a terrible public school system, high crime (especially VIOLENT CRIME), high taxes, segregation, short summers, long winters, terrible traffic, etc. etc. etc. But most of all, TOO MANY TRANSPLANTS!.
Just kidding. I am going to be a transplant soon since I'm leaving this sh*thole and I want people to be nice to me.

Top 20 Most Miserable Cities in America Forbes
3/17/13 10:19 PM

I used to live on the first floor and my 3rd floor neighbors used to leave their stroller outside MY door--like they owned the hallway--without asking. Then, they would yell at me at every opportunity if my bike was so much as touching their portion of our storage area. Made me want to chuck their stroller into the street! Eventually, I told them they shouldn't feel entitled to leave their stroller in my space because they chose to procreate. Then, I began to rent a SFH instead.

Tips for Living with Kids in a Walk-Up Renters Solutions
3/17/13 10:09 PM

Whenever I start to think I might want to have a kid, I read a post like this and remember that I like nice things :)

Top 5 Kinds of Rental Damage Left By Kids, and How To Prevent Them Renters Solutions
3/17/13 10:03 PM

I think cats are.

Trendspotting: Foxes Are the New Owls
3/17/13 09:50 PM

Awesome job! Looks excellent.
Sorry for all the wannabe home inspectors who are crying about codes.

Before & After: Kelly's Staircase Remodel on a Budget
3/17/13 08:49 PM

Nice salvage job!

Before & After: Sarah Saves a Bar Cart
3/13/13 09:56 AM

I wonder how many babies died from, say, rocking horse accidents from 1985 to 2005. Not saying I'd use bumper pads, but I get annoyed by major hoopla over the darn things. No one freaks out over large stuffed animals. It'd be so easy for a baby to fall on one or crawl over to one and suffocate because they couldn't move themselves. Just sayin'.

Louis's Tiny (but Grand!)
Chinoiserie Menagerie Nursery Tour

3/10/13 06:56 PM

The "before" is ok. I like the herringbone, but the amount of colors makes it way too busy.

Before & After: Plain Dresser Gets a Fun Facelift
2/24/13 12:02 PM