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My friend recently made bubble tea at home and it was delicious. She made and cooled some green tea then whirred it in a blender with some mango nectar and coconut milk. She then added fruity multicoloured tapioca balls she bought from the asian market.

It was the best bubble tea i've ever had!


How Can I Make Bubble Tea (Boba) at Home?
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5/24/11 11:51 AM

Thanks for the speedy reply Liv!

Liv, Jeff and the Friendly Yeti Sharing a Home
House Tour

1/13/11 01:01 PM

Is it sad to say that my heart fluttered when I saw the dining room?? That table, that WALLPAPER, the painted barrister shelves...damn. Simply.

I love those fondue pots and have been searching for the ultimate danish fondue pot...anyone know where these ones are from??


Liv, Jeff and the Friendly Yeti Sharing a Home
House Tour

1/11/11 10:22 AM

Sad to say I didn't know that cold breakfasts were even an option til I grew up and left home. A result of living in a cold country no less..My mum always made steel cut oats OR porridge (cornmeal cooked in milk with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and brown sugar) Or a full english accented with fried plantains and/or fried breadfruit.

That sort of stuff stuck to your ribs and kept you warm for hours on end.


10 Hot Breakfasts for Cold and Busy Mornings
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11/5/10 01:27 AM

haha love it. There is something very rewarding about cooking and everyone can most definitely make something! Pushing ones boundaries makes it all the more exciting.

Love the video assignments!


My Husband Cooks Me Dinner on Video & 15 Easy Recipes
10/28/10 01:46 PM

Chuck Hughes of Chucks Day off for sure. I love how enthused he is in the kitchen and the wicked beats they play when he I always cook to music.

Secondly, the lads of Food Jammers - because their ingenuity and slightly hare brained ideas actually work and if they don't they seem like fun trying.


Guest Star: Which Cooking Show Would You Like to Be On?
10/26/10 11:40 AM

When I was a kid I would dream about white rice over and over again, eating it and loving it. Probably because my mum hardly ever made regular white rice.

I also remember a nightmare of going to eat a bar of white chocolate only for it to be soap. That put me off white chocolate til I was an adult.


Sleeping Secret: I Dream of Croissants
10/20/10 03:38 PM

I think I ate custard every day when I was a kid.

Lovely warm custard - made with milk, brown sugar and vanilla essence is the perfect topping to an apple crumble.

Also stewed rhubarb is lovely topped with custard (10 points to whoever remembers the song roobarb and custard named after the cartoon characters).

Finally yes yes yes in a can always make it chocolate custard by adding some cocoa and thus make a choccie trifle...yum!


What Can I Do With Bird's Custard Powder?
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10/5/10 11:53 PM

I keep my Le Creu out because of a) lack of cabinet space and b) I use it near every day. It's a very versatile pot! oh and yeah c) it looks good on the stove top!


Pots on Display: Le Creuset As Kitchen Art
9/29/10 01:33 PM

The Vanderbilt in Brooklyn ( serves them up blistered with a side of pimento salt. Divine!


Appetizer Trend: Grilled Shishito Peppers
9/22/10 02:09 PM

I think the more appropriate question is : what HAVEN'T I passed off as dinner?


Cook’s Confession: What Have You Passed Off as Dinner?
9/21/10 12:02 AM

I've never had a problem peeling a plantain though I have been doing it since a child. I do exactly as APF does. Sometimes I cut it in half (widthwise), then lop the top off, score a line down the middle, slip a finger under the slit and bobs your uncle.


How Do I Peel a Plantain?
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9/15/10 01:43 PM

erm..I echo manu_pty's sentiments..holy frack..

Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois
9/8/10 02:51 PM

It's definitely vibrant..I love that juicer, looks like a rachand...? Would love to know the source as I am trying to find one just like it.


Before & After: A Funky, Colorful Kitchen Makeover
9/1/10 02:46 PM

When I was a kid I went through a phase of several years where i had a jacket potato near fave were jacket potato pizzas..I would flatten out the cooked potato and load it with toppings and cheese as though it were a pizza dough. Mega yum!


10 Ways to Eat a Potato (and Just a Potato) for Dinner
8/31/10 03:33 PM

"Ice cream capable of causing marital discord" HAHAHA that got me going! Though I have a list of foods that would seriously disrupt most relationships I have if my ability to consume them was ever threatened.


Recipe: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Banana Chunks
8/26/10 02:43 PM

Just got back from Ireland and have become a hardcore Jameson addict. It's so smooth and rich.

I find Scotch waay to peat-y and Jack an olfactive delight but way to lightweight in the mouth..maybe it's the triple distillation that gives Jameson that rich taste..either way I love it. Straight up no rocks.


Best Liquors: What Is Your Favorite Whiskey – and Why?
8/20/10 12:12 PM

Jamaican Wray & Nephew all the way. I was raised on it. It goes into my tea, my trifles, and is yum sprinkled on ice cream. It's not for the faint hearted though..


Best Liquors: What Is Your Favorite Rum — and Why?
8/18/10 05:52 PM

Love it as a wine glass carrying, canape holder..not so much as a cutting board. Fun.


Puzzleboard: A Plate, a Cutting Board, a Puzzle!
8/18/10 05:50 PM

my fave is strawberry syrup and a good ole fashioned flake - we used to call it the 99 flake ...



Survey: What Are Your Favorite Ice Cream Toppings?
8/11/10 07:07 PM