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@Chromablue: I don't see where it says it got reward points.

@corgimas: The fees are transparent to your customers, as you must have factored in the 2.75% into your price tag... or you're shorting yourself by 2.75%. If it meant the difference between a sale or not, then it's not such a bad fee to pay for your customer's convenience and your sale.

Why I've Never Used My Square Card Reader
10/9/11 12:01 AM

Hah! I just got myself a Blackberry Torch 9850 on Sprint. I upgraded from SERO, for non-smartphones, to SERO-Premium to have a smartphone. SERO is $30/month for 500 min. + unlimited txt, data, Sprint mobile-2-mobile, nights&weekends @ 7 PM. SERO-Premium changes mobile-2-mobile to any mobile-2-any mobile and adds turn-by-turn navigation, but raises the price to $40/month. The fast/responsive Android phones on Sprint are all 4G. The 3G ones are laggy. The Blackberry Torch 9850 is smooth and fast. The iPhone isn't an option on Sprint yet, and even when it becomes available, I doubt it'll have a user replaceable battery. I don't upgrade my phone often and will extend the life of my phone by dropping in a new battery in two years time, the typical lifespan of a lithium battery.

10 Reasons I Picked An Android Over The iPhone
9/16/11 11:50 PM

If you eat or know of people who eat a lot of spaghetti, you can get a lot of these jars for free... just takes a bit of time...

Mason Jars: The Star Of Your Next Summer Party
5/26/11 08:20 PM

Up until my recent upgrade to an i7-930 2.80 GHz desktop, I was using a dual-Pentium II 350 Mhz machine. Over the 11 years of owning it, I added more memory, a CD burner, a DVD burner, USB 2.0 ports, ethernet card and faster graphics card. (The latter three items were free from people who have since upgraded long ago.) Desktops are so much easier to "keep with the times". The main thing that kept the system fresh, however, was being able to run the latest distro of GNU/Linux. I always had the latest software and all the latest security patches. Sure, things ran slower than whatever was available over the years, but it worked well and was very usable.

Tips On How to Extend Your Computer's Utility and Life
9/18/10 11:42 PM

I have most things plugged into powerstrips. So, before a long vacation ( > 1 week ), I just switch all of them off. Easy.

Do You Unplug While On Vacation?
9/18/10 10:14 PM

You're still using the same power brick that comes with your MacBook. You're just replacing the *plug* end with a cheap foreign appliance plug.

Buy a Cheap Appliance as an International Power Adapter | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
6/5/10 06:33 AM

Normal Dwell subscription price: 10 issues for $20
Usual promotional price: 20 issues for $20
Dwell on iPad: 10 issues for $20 $500 iPad

The iPad Magazine Reading Experience | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/9/10 07:10 PM

I have an Eagle Creek travel backpack. I bought it back in 2000 for my first trip. By 2007, the interior weather proofing for the small pack was coming off. I contacted them about repairing it since there is a life-time warranty. Sure enough, they were ready to send me out a new one! I wanted them to repair it instead since the pack was mostly good. They fixed it and shipped it back for free. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they honor their warranties and are great to deal with. I don't work for them either, just a very happy customer.

Apartment Therapy New York | Travel Tip: Vacuum-Pack Packing
6/19/09 07:53 PM

It sucks that digital is all or nothing. You either get a great picture or nothing (and I include slowly updating blocky squares in the "nothing"). At least with analog, you could still get good sound even with static ridden picture. After seeing a few seasons of a show, you really only need the sound to "watch" your programs...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | News: The Aftermath of the DTV Transition
6/17/09 04:14 PM

I live in South of Market in San Francisco. It used to be a warehouse district. Today, it's a mixture of residential, industrial businesses, bars, restaurants, etc. To get an oil change or new tires, I just drive my car across the street. When I needed a welder to re-enforce some table legs, there was one two blocks away. There's Benjamin Moore, Kelly-Moore and Sherwin-Williams for my paint needs, within two blocks. For shopping, there's Union Square in 10 minutes walk. There are two theater chains, one with a full IMAX dome, again in 10 minutes walk. There's an ice rink in Yerba Buena Center, along with bowling. The SF Museum of Modern Art and The Cartoon Museum are all within walking distance. The Moscone Convention Center is 5 minutes walk away for WonderCon, a comic book convention. For going out, there are three clubs within one block. My favorite is only two and a half blocks away. When I need to leave the city, the freeway entrances are two blocks away. To get to the airport, I take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to San Francisco International Airport in 30 minutes for $5.35 (a $40-50 cab ride). I really don't need to drive anywhere and my car has been suffering from dead-battery-itus (though I'm taking care to drive it once a week, to keep the battery charge up and the oil circulating...)

On balance, the neighborhood does have the loitering drug dealer on the corner and some drunk day laborers... c'est la vie...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Perks Of Living In Your Neighborhood
4/29/09 08:38 PM

Oh, this tube radio would go perfect with my tube clock! I love the orange glow! As for the aliens... they're us! And I'd play "Bruises" by Chairlift, since it's my newest obsession.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Acoustic Research AV100b Tabletop Radio
10/26/08 10:53 PM

I only use OpenOffice, so when I get a .doc file from Word, I sometimes find a jumbled mess. It would be nice if people just used OpenOffice to get the formatting right!

For resumes, I find .pdf's are best. The viewer is available on most systems and my resume isn't editable.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Quality Freebies: OpenOffice 3 Gets Official, Tangos with OSX
10/16/08 05:35 PM

Whoa... dup of 2.75 hrs ago...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Final Frame: Mauritian Sunset by Sandy Smith
9/18/08 05:13 PM

Mac or Windows? I'm on GNU/Linux! Either drive will work!

I would finally be able to backup my photos and music and place them off site.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Seagate FreeAgent Desk and FreeAgent Go for Mac Giveaway
9/16/08 12:45 AM

Olympus has a line of rugged cameras like this. For example, the Stylus 770 SW:

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Rollei X-8 Sports: The Chuck Norris of Digital Cameras
8/30/08 11:28 AM

Covers for the sky lights, pillow cases and miscellaneous mad scientist projects...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/8/08 11:19 PM

I saw a show on PBS, "Haley's Hints", that suggested using a ball of aluminum foil to get rid of static cling instead of using dryer sheets. I tried it and it works really well! I've been using the same ball of aluminum foil for about a year now.

For the ball, I tore off about two feet of aluminum foil and crushed it into a ball. Simple as that.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Static Eliminator Re-Usable Dryer Sheets
8/5/08 11:30 PM

clickchick: If you have plants, collect the water until your faucet gets warm and use that for them.

When I first heard about turning off the water while brushing your teeth I thought, what a stupid suggestion! Who in their right mind leaves the water on?! Quick spritz to foam the brush then on for the rinse. What purpose does it serve to have the water running the whole time?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Turn Off the Water While Brushing
7/1/08 08:50 PM

I'm in it for my sis, who's in LA and has a new apartment to decorate!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gift Bag 2007: A Complete IKEA Living Room
12/17/07 06:55 PM

Very cool. Enter me for chocolate!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Gift Bag 2007: TwistTogether Lamp
12/17/07 06:50 PM