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What about,, and Look what I scored for less than $300...

13 Online Sources for Affordable Art
2/22/13 08:55 AM

It looks like a Biedermeier-style chair. Maybe Vanguard Furniture, Hickory, North Carolina

Who Makes This Scroll-Back Chair? Good Questions
6/18/12 11:33 AM

Does anyone know who makes that ottoman?

Zen & Amisha's First Home
House Call

8/16/11 11:52 AM

I just saw some pendants on the foundary that mimic the crisscross pattern of the wires in the chandelier and is only $32.00! 9 in. Flared Woven Wire Pendant Lamp

Entry Light Fixture To Compliment Orbit Chandelier?
Good Questions

5/24/11 11:47 AM

For the stains, first try scrubbing with a paste of baking soda and water, or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If the stains are soaked into the marble, soak a towel with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit on the stain for at least 24 hours, periodically redampening the towel till the stain disappears.

Finally seal the floors to prevent future damage.

Suggestions for Rehabbing Marble Tile Floor?
9/10/10 06:54 PM

Why not put a real bed (maybe the kind with storage drawers underneath to save space in the bottom right corner of the space). Then hang some curtains with ceiling track, or bookshelves around the "bedroom" space to hide it off from the "living space." This will leave with you with a nice 13'6"x13'6" space for your living room

Help With the Design of My First Apartment?
Good Questions

9/3/10 08:21 AM

How Can I Get My Landlord to Clean the Windows? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
5/20/10 06:54 PM

A piece of clear lucite (as thick as the old top) could be very nice on top. Leave bottom as is.

Ideas for Making Over These Found Tables? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/20/10 10:00 AM

Housing Works thrift shops (all over manhattan) have great buys at "Flea market" prices. They even have online auctions with new stuff added daily:

There are is also a strip of thrift shops running up 3rd Avenue from 77th to at least the mid 80's.

Road Trip Worthy Flea Markets in the NYC Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
5/14/10 02:46 PM

Liza Sherman antiques sells the chandelier

Also a great little store just opened in my neighborhood called Alex and Lorenzo. They have a smaller version which I'm sure will be more affordable...(212) 288-1920

Designer or Maker of Sarah Jessica Parker's Chandelier? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/30/10 09:43 AM

Its actually much cheaper to just get someone to come and professionally steam clean it. It will look like new...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Slipcover for the Crate Barrel Petrie Sofa? Good Questions
10/6/09 09:30 AM

Heavy drapes with lining made a big difference in my apartment. My husband swears by earplugs.

Apartment Therapy New York | Sound Proofing an Apartment from Street Noise? Good Questions
8/4/09 09:22 AM

This site had your table on sale...

CB2 has the teepee dining table for just $369. The legs are solid oak but the top is glass. Perhaps you can have a custom wood top created for less $$ than the Atlantico version...or wait for De La Espada's online sample sale.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Options for Round, Solid Wood Table?
7/6/09 10:42 AM

Go to either Simon's or Gracious homes with pull and see what harware/pull you can find that will cover the holes. A simple leather pull may work nicely...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Solution for Mis-Matched Hardware?
6/2/09 10:44 AM

There is a foam store down on orchard street (not sure of the exact address but near Katz's deli). They will cut high density foam for you (sometimes while you wait) and stuff them for you.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Saving a Saggy Sofa?
5/26/09 10:46 AM

short term: Invest in a small window air conditioner and put a good filter in it, that may help a bit.
long term: have your landlord lobby McDs to put vents/chimneys that at least go to the top of the building.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Coping with McDonald's Smells?
5/11/09 09:13 AM

I love the sheer roller shades I got from for my kitchen, they were in the medium price range. Inexpensive alternatives: try, or for roller shades or simple wooden blinds. They have extra sizes online and a good variety of widths. Finally I bought beautiful white linen roman shades from They are custom made to size, unfortunately I just went online and they seem to be unavailable at this time.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Window Treatment Recommendations?
5/4/09 06:21 PM

If you can splurge, Georg Jensen's Copenhagen stainless pattern is modern but classic and goes well with everything. You can even choose mirror or matte finish.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Stainless Flatware for Two Distinct Patterns?
4/23/09 12:19 PM