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Great idea! How did you screw in the hooks? Did you need to drill holes first? Or did you just poke it through the felt, press hard, and screw by hand?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #5: Designerdi's Necklace Nook
1/28/08 10:28 AM

Oh, man. That sunken tub reminds me of the sunken toilets in a lot of Asian public restrooms. Ew.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Sunken Clawfoot Bathtub
1/17/08 06:57 PM

I don't recommend putting wine or liquor up there. The heat from the fridge could alter the flavor.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's On Top of Your Fridge?
1/17/08 11:34 AM

Were you Aalto-inspired?

Apartment Therapy New York | AT On: Jack Kerouac, Resolutions, Squiggles, and Art In The Home
1/8/08 09:37 AM

Febreze really does work wonders. Also, when I cook greasy stuff, I shut all the bedroom windows... keeps the smells contained to the kitchen and living room (which has no door). You can also boil citrus peels and water on the stovetop.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Removing Tough Lingering Odours
12/18/07 09:20 AM

I'd keep the pillows and give away the bag and notebook. Love Amy Butler!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Gift Bag 2007: Amy Butler Collection
12/12/07 09:03 AM

Taiwanese beef-noodle soup.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 5-Piece Set
12/10/07 07:05 PM

Oh, me! Me, me, please?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Italian Maize Throw from VivaTerra
12/6/07 07:01 PM

My cousin bought one of these and it's lovely, really soft (I'd give it an 8) and I don't think it sheds. For a lower price point, we bought the PB Henley rug which I'd give a 7 on softness. It sheds a bit, but not too much. We've had it for about 6 weeks now, and it's shedding a lot less than when we first got it.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How's this Rug?
11/30/07 01:25 PM

Please, can you tell me where you got that red, round side table? I love it!

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors SouthWest Finalist #3: Dan and Amy's Chinatown Loft
11/16/07 01:02 PM

Lovely space. In fact, the space is so large, have you considered segmenting it a little more? I can't quite tell from your photos, but it seems like you have a small dining table with a couple chairs. Maybe get a larger table and create a larger dining area within the living room.

Another suggestion -- if it is a working fireplace, maybe you don't want the back of the purple couch to face it.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: The Best Layout for Our Living Room?
11/8/07 06:40 AM

Wait. Did you say that's a PIED-A-TERRE?!?!?! Which means it's empty most of the time? A travesty!

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Jennifer Bartlett's 134 Charles Street
10/17/07 08:05 AM

Sparklehorse--- where did you get that vibrant rug?

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Do I Put My TV?
10/1/07 04:30 PM

I actually bought this litterbox from Skymall and really like it. When I lived in NY, there's no way I would have had the space for it, but my bathroom in DC is nice and roomy and there is plenty of space. Sure beats the purple plastic dome we were using before from PetSmart.

Apartment Therapy - Kitty Washroom
9/25/07 08:37 AM

Why not try FLOR? You can build it to size.

Good Questions: Help Me Find a Square Rug?
7/25/07 01:51 PM

Hi Opal -- I'm 5'1" too, and have the same problem. I did not know until I walked into a DWR a couple months ago, that Herman Miller Aeron chairs actually come in three sizes. I'd sat on the traditional "B" size before and didn't find it that great. But then when I spotted the "A" size and sat on it, it was soooo comfortable. I was really tempted to get one but still think they're too expensive. You might be able to find one on eBay though.

As far as sofas go, I've given up. My boyfriend is 6'5" and I figured it's probably better to have something oversized that's comfortable for him, that I can just flop into and lie down on as opposed to actually sitting upright. Throw pillows, my friend, throw pillows. I did find a nice mid-century chair off someone on Craigslist that has a smaller seat pan and is closer to the floor. That works well for me. Maybe look for something vintage, when they made furniture for people who had a shorter average height than people do today?

Open Thread 380
7/19/07 07:27 AM

nice, but isn't it basically like sprinklers?

Outdoor Shower by Danny Venlet for Viteo
7/18/07 11:34 AM

Deborah -- thanks for the DC upholsterer recommendation!

Desk -- I can't vouch for whether they're any good or not, but there are a bunch of antique shops along Rt. 9 in Hyde Park, between Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck.

God, I miss NY.

Open Thread 379
7/18/07 07:11 AM

To all you AT fans in DC -- can any of you recommend a reupholsterer?

Open Thread 378
7/17/07 01:17 PM

hack it!
shouldn't be too hard.

Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Shelf to Hold my DVD Collection?
7/13/07 12:11 PM