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amenity, I don't see why Soda Stream would affect your bones. All the machine does is add carbon dioxide to regular old tap water. You can flavor the water if you want, but you don't have to, and health effects would depend on what you used to flavor it. I've used Soda Stream's flavorings, which I didn't like much, and homemade juices, which I did. Osteoporosis/lower bone-density links to soda seem to focus on phosphoric acid and caffeine, not carbonation.

Ill Effects: How Soda Pop Consumption Affects Your Body
8/15/11 03:46 PM

Baked Oatmeal!

Looking for Breakfast Recipes Packed With Oatmeal!
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4/4/11 08:18 PM

Just planted some Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas here in cold Massachusetts -- I chose this variety for its shoot potential. I can't wait until they come up!

Seasonal Spotlight: Pea Shoots
3/15/11 01:57 PM

We've had the larger OXO for 5 or so years and we use it constantly. Not just for salads, but also for herbs and other greens. It works great, it doesn't have holes in the bottom so you can use it on the counter (not just in the sink), and it works great as fridge storage for anything you've washed and haven't eaten (I have no problem fitting it in my fridge). Highly recommended.

Spin Right Around: 5 Salad Spinners to Consider
2/17/11 05:50 PM

@gussiebuns: Um, unless you have literally checked EVERY store in those states, you might want to avoid making statements like that. I live in eastern MA and I have never seen it in a liquor store here. Trust me, I've looked, as my NJ-raised wife loves it and I miss it from my college days in PA.

It's True! Yuengling Beer Is Coming To A State Near You
10/22/10 05:31 PM

Some smoke alarms are just too sensitive/too close to the kitchen and there's not much you can do other than, as others have suggested, take the batteries out when you're cooking something that you know will smoke a bit. In my old apartment, the smoke alarm would go off if we so much as opened the door to a 350-degree or higher (clean) oven. Totally annoying!

Help! I Set Off the Fire Alarms When Searing Meat!
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9/29/10 06:11 PM

My wife used to work at a restaurant and you know how they seasoned their cast iron? Dunked the pans in a commercial fryer. Not so helpful for the home cook, but if you have any friends who have access to a commercial fryer, you might ask them if they can do you this favor? It seasoned the pans beautifully.

What Is the Quickest Way to Season a Cast Iron Pan?
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8/10/10 05:35 PM

I am lucky to live very close to an independent market that has fantastic produce AND most of the pantry staples I need -- so I rarely go to Trader Joe's, even though there's one in the next town over. However -- I do have to make a stop once in a while, because the Trader Joe's Organic Peanut Butter is the only peanut butter I buy anymore. It doesn't have corn syrup in it or other mysteriosu nasties but it also doesn't seem to separate as much as the other natural peanut butters I've had. I'm a devotee, and usually buy 3 jars at a time so I won't have to go back for a while.

Trader Joe's Pantry Staples: What Are Your Favorites? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/25/10 03:36 PM

Much like the cat fire story, I have been unplugging my toaster for years when not in use because a friend of mine had a serious kitchen fire when her dad put a basket of laundry on the kitchen counter. The side of the basket pushed down the switch and the laundry spilling over the side ignited in the toaster. From that habit it was not hard to think, why don't we just unplug everything? We often go days without using the toaster or can opener (my wife insists on an electric one), so it seems worthwhile (and safe) to keep them unplugged. Our microwave is built-in, so that and the stove and fridge stay plugged. And all other appliances (i.e. food processor, stand mixer) are stored in cabinets due to infrequent use/counter space issues, so they are never plugged in when not in use.

Conscientious Cook: Do You Unplug Appliances at Night? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/5/10 06:43 PM

I bought a sofa in 2007 from Macy's. It wasn't the Lenny (or Corona), but was a similar style. We were really disappointed by how quickly (within a year) the cushions wore out. They don't look good and they aren't comfortable. This is with only two people and a 10 lb cat sitting on them.

That said, our cat scratches the hell out of anything we buy, so I have trouble spending much on a couch. We were considering the Petrie and I'm glad we didn't shell out the money for it -- the cat doesn't care whether it cost $600 (as our Macy's couch did) or $1400.

Experience with Macy's Lenny Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/3/10 10:30 PM

It's not quite the B-52, but Smitten Kitchen does have a recipe for Irish car bomb cupcakes, which are similar:

Butch Bakery: Are Food Preferences Gender Based? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/24/10 05:19 PM

I have a Pentax Optio bought in 2006 or so. While I have been generally not satisfied with it as a general use digital camera, its macro settings are probably its strong point. It does have a "Food" mode that is intended to make food look more appetizing, and I think it does a decent job of this, considering that it is otherwise not a fantastic camera. I think others have said this, but go for natural light when you can -- I find that the flash on my camera makes almost anything (or anyone) look terrible.

What Is a Good Entry-Level Camera for Food Photography? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/24/10 08:00 AM

I read this article in the magazine -- the guy's father is a contractor and helped with the remodel. I'd DIY my kitchen too if my dad could offer professional assistance!

Renovate for Under $1000: The $967 Kitchen Remodel This Old House | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/18/10 07:55 PM

Right now, all of my meat comes from a local farm that runs a meat CSA. It has made me very conscious, in a good way, of the fact that I am eating pigs, chickens and cows that died so that I could enjoy them for dinner. I have always hated wasting food as I hate wasting most things, but I would find it particularly wrong to scrape a few bites of any of these animals into the trash.

Like others, I plan out portions of the meals I cook before I cook them, so I'm typically not eating a large portion anyway. I know that what I put on my plate is not too much to eat. I'd rather take a small amount so that leftovers can be saved rather than scraped, and eat every bite -- out of respect, if nothing else.

Conscientious Eater: Leaving Food On the Plate | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/1/10 04:40 PM

We're having friends over on Saturday for tacos, featuring Southwestern Pulled Brisket and Green Onion Slaw a la Smitten Kitchen and grilled shrimp. There will also be red beans and rice, ceviche, homemade salsa, and chocolate-oatmeal carmelitas for dessert.

On Sunday we're picking up our February meat share, so we invited my family over for spaghetti and meatballs to use up the last of the ground beef from the January share. We'll also be cooking Donald Link's German Festival Ham and White Bean Stew to eat for lunch during the week.

And I am already thinking about the chicken and sausage jambalaya I'm planning to make on Super Bowl Sunday in honor of the Saints...

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of January 30-31, 2010 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/29/10 06:44 PM

I wanted to paint my front hall, the walls up our stairway and the upstairs hall a "true" gray -- not too blue, or brown, or purple, or green, or silver -- and it had to be light, because the stairs in particular don't get a lot of sun. It took me eight color samples but I ended up going with Benjamin Moore Metropolitan -- from their Aura line -- at 50% strength. It is perfect. Highly recommended -- and we get a lot of compliments on it.

My advice is to buy paint samples whenever possible with grays. I have had success choosing greens and blues right from the color chip, but all the grays came out totally different than they looked on the chips. I found that, more than other colors, they shifted a lot in different lights/at different times of day. It took a while but I was glad I took the time to try them all out first before making the commitment.

quinnley -- I agree with vicchick that BM Concrete Gray is a lovely lavenderish gray! It was one of the ones I tried out and vetoed. Wasn't what I wanted, but I thought it would have been beautiful in a bedroom.

The Best Grey Paint Colors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/20/10 07:11 PM

We registered for All-Clad anodized pots and pans when we got married, and I love cooking with them, as well as with our cast iron skillets. As others have said, with a good pan oil, you shouldn't have to worry much about sticking. Also -- once you put something in the pan, leave it there for a while! Often I find that when someone complains about food sticking, it's because they're messing around with the food too much.

That said -- we do like nonstick for scrambled eggs (that's actually, quite literally, the only thing we make in nonstick pans) but I was concerned with the teflon issue. We bought a couple of the Green Nonstick pans from Crate & Barrel about 9 months ago and have been very pleased with them. Again, I would not use them for most foods -- nonstick just doesn't give you that nice sear or crust.

What Are The Best Alternatives to Nonstick Cookware? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/30/09 08:04 PM

There's a BBQ place called Redbones in Somerville, MA, that makes something called a Somerville Cheesesteak. It's a sandwich made with brisket ends, cheddar & mozzarella, and caramelized onions. Not healthy or refined, but damn tasty and easy to replicate at home.

Can I Do Anything With Leftover Brisket Trimmings? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/18/09 07:56 AM

For 30 years (almost my entire life), my family has spent a weekend each October making cider with friends in Maine. Those are some of my happiest memories over the years -- and I am truly ruined for store-bought cider, which is typically pasteurized and tastes completely different. I do hope my kids (which I do not have yet) will be able to experience it too!

Apple Cider Campout In Sonoma | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/14/09 10:04 AM

I think the answer to this question also depends on where you buy your veggies and where you live. If you're shopping at farmer's markets, you're getting food that was generally harvested quite recently, and hasn't traveled much. This stuff is almost always going to be better than canned. If you're shopping at a big grocery store, even in the summer you may be getting veggies that have been grown miles and miles away -- and may not be as "fresh" as food frozen right after harvest.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Which Vegetables Are OK to Buy Frozen? Good Questions
10/12/09 01:02 PM