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Stunning, especially love the pharmacy cabinet

Sacha's Black & White Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 12:02 PM

Sigh... such a stunning home. I just LOVE your style.

Amy & Corey's Sunia Home In Echo Park House Tour
3/16/13 05:37 AM

My fiance and I currently share a 398 square foot apartment in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Cape Town. It's actually small by general South African standards, but is the first property I've owned and I treasure each moment spent here. I've enjoyed decorating and maximising each millimetre. I might not have a mansion, and more space would always be welcomed - but this tiny home has made me count my blessings!

How Small is the Smallest Space You've Ever Called Home? Reader Survey
4/10/12 03:30 PM

I'm sure the owner loves all this stuff but I'd just consider it clutter...

Haimona's Nostalgic Collection
Tech Tour

1/19/12 07:20 AM

I love this place, I'd move in as is!

Angela's Posh Pad
House Tour

4/8/11 05:32 AM

I like it. Not huge wow factor, but a livable space. I'm quite into the tone of this wood used at the moment - not too dark, not too light. It complements everything. I would absolutely enjoy living in this space.

Time Warner's Signature Home in NoHo
House Tour

2/7/11 05:01 AM

Jessica's totally rocks. Does anyone need that many jeans like Eva's? It seems a little absurd. I don't like Miley's closet but I guess it fits her teenage persona.

A Peek into Celebrity Closets
1/27/11 03:55 AM

Great space Bianca, Cape Town rocks!!!!

Bianca's Bright White Victorian
House Call

1/24/11 09:54 AM

Just like the pic... magazines!!! And no matter how often the boyfriend complains I can't get rid of my piles and piles of them!

What Is Your Clutter Weakness?
1/24/11 09:31 AM

Only the first and last one make "sense" to me, the other two are just cumbersome and too slanted!

UnIkea by Kenyon Yeh
1/13/11 05:53 AM

I'd love one, complete with book shelves...

Great Alcove Beds That Will Inspire You
12/3/10 01:55 AM

Actually doing my new home up like this at the moment.. so it's wonderful for inspiration!

Deborah's Modern Shabby Chic Home
House Tour

11/11/10 04:45 AM

Flippin awesome. Will always be a classic in my book, would really love an original.

The Lighting Designs of Serge Mouille

11/9/10 09:42 AM

Beautiful job. I'd buy that!

Before and After: From Granny to Glam

11/2/10 07:17 AM

That Boarding Pass Shiraz is a hoot, Australians can have such a wicked sense of humor!

Do Judge a Wine By Its Label
11/2/10 07:14 AM

I know nothing about wine at all, so this is how I chose my tipple - although I have had a few disappointments. Needless to say, I do believe that cheap wine doesn't taste that great... no matter how nice the label!

Do Judge a Wine By Its Label
11/2/10 07:09 AM

My thoughts are that if I love the improvements, surely someone else will too. So do what you feel is right, and if you sell, the right buyer WILL show up.

Home for Life
The New York Times

8/13/10 09:11 AM

Absolutely love this art. BTW, gucci outlet, please bugger off. Apartment Therapy, can't you delete this idiot's posts please?

Julia Chiang's Delicious Ring Pop Art
8/13/10 08:44 AM

andregirl - great point about the cars in the parking lot. Always a dead give-away.

Lessons Learned from Your First Apartment
8/6/10 05:27 AM

Picture 1 - to die for!!!! Color and print combo is totally covetable.

What To Do With Decorative Textiles?
8/6/10 05:24 AM